We’re Back!

by Johnny Webber

Daily Zen List is back, but we have made some changes. What’s different:

1. The name. As you can see, the name has changed to Johnny Lists. 

2. The content (slightly). I received some complaints about the blog not being “zen enough” so we are now moving away from that. You will still get posts with life tips and useful websites, but you will also get posts about facts and pop culture.

3. How often. Posts will still be limited to once a day, but a day might be skipped every now and then.

What’s the same:

1. Subscriptions. If you subscribe by email, posts will still go straight to your inbox. If you subscribe by tumblr, posts will still go straight to your feed.

2. The URL. If you visit dailyzenlist.com, you will be redirected to the new name.

Thanks for sticking around and enjoy!

We’re Back!