The Best Donald Trump Links on the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. — Take a trumpet to the Donald’s face.

2. — The stuff of nightmares.

3. — Paste Trump’s hair on any picture.

4. — That Trump sure is a charmer.

5. thingsthatlooklikedonaldtrump — An Instagram account dedicated to sharing things that look like Donald Trump.

6. — Making cats look like Donald Trump.

7. Trump Toilet Paper — In case you get lonely on the pooper.

8. The Trump Coloring Book — Trump playing chess with Putin. Trump crossing the Delaware River. Trump as a superhero. He does it all!

9. Extra Large Donald Trump Pinata — For those who love to hate him.

10. Trump Temptations — An erotic novel detailing Donald Trump and his taboo affair with a bellboy.

The Best Donald Trump Links on the Internet