25 Ways to Save Money

by Johnny Webber

1. Switch to no-fee checking account (like Charles Schwab).

2. Open a savings account. Transfer a little bit of money into it every month.

3. Negotiate a smaller cellphone bill.

4. Use the cash-envelope spending system.

5. Watch your spending. Use apps like Mint and YNAB.

6. Cut out the car. Use public transit or bike to work.

7. Do your own car and home maintenance.

8. Take it easy on the AC.

9. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.

10. Ditch cable.

11. Find cheap hobbies.

12. Eat at home. Invest in a slow cooker.

13. Put that library card to use.

14. Keep an eye out for deals.

15. Buy generic brands.

16. Buy in bulk. Get a Costco membership.

17. Drink more water, less of everything else, and especially less alcohol.

18. Carpool.

19. Buy quality; never buy cheap.

20. Shop at thrift stores.

21. Get a roommate.

22. Join the Freecycle Network.

23. Write shopping lists and stick to them.

24. Repair your own clothing.

25. Hold a yard sale.

25 Ways to Save Money