10 Products and Websites to Improve Your Morning

by Johnny Webber

1. Bathroom Shower Clock Timer — Don’t waste too much water. Don’t be late for work.

2. Sunrise Simulator Light — Ease the burden of early wake-up calls.

3. On/Off Flip Alarm — An alarm clock that will actually make you wake up.

4. Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Desk — Get work done while you have breakfast in bed.

5. Single Serve Blender — For something healthy when you’re on the run.

6. Cereal-on-the-Go Container — Eat your breakfast on the move.

7. LunchBlox Sandwich Kit — A convenient way to pack your lunch.

8. Sleep Cycle — Get just the right amount of sleep every night.

9. Scarlet — Get debriefed on the news and weather every morning.

10. MealBoard — Plan out your meals so you don’t waste time in the morning making silly decisions.

10 Products and Websites to Improve Your Morning