11 Websites to Improve Your Netflix and Chill

by Johnny Webber

1. cinesift.com — Sift through movies based on all kinds of ratings. Flicksurfer.com is another site that does pretty much the same thing.

2. netflixcodes.me — Every secret code category available on Netflix.

3. netflixroulette.net — Watch a random Netflix movie.

4. flixsearch.io — Watch Netflix movies and shows available in other countries.

5. whatsnewonnetflix.com — Stay up to date on the latest Netflix releases.

6. leanflix.com — Filter movies to find the best selection.

7. agoodmovietowatch.com — Highly rated, little-known movies.

8. datenightmovies.com — They pick a movie, you pick a movie, and out comes a movie both of you want to watch.

9. cringemdb.com — Filter movies that you wouldn’t want to watch with your parents, but maybe are the perfect thing for Netflix and chill.

10. reelscary.com — Pick a scary movie to make your partner seek the safety of your arms.

11. doesthedogdie.com — Because that would really kill the mood.

For more of my favorite links check out favoriteandforget.com.

11 Websites to Improve Your Netflix and Chill