My Rules for Hitting the Gym

by Johnny Webber

Note: These rules work for me. they might not work for you.

1. Don’t miss three days in a row. Two days is okay. Three days is the start of a trend.

2. Don’t miss a Monday. Monday sets the tone for the rest of the week. 

3. Take the weekend off. Saturday and Sunday are the days I have off from work and working out. 

4. Give your muscles a break. Muscles need time to recover. I try not to work out the same muscle groups on back-to-back days.

5. Do at least five minutes. I tell myself going to the gym is enough. I don’t have to work out for ninety minutes. I don’t even have to work out for thirty minutes. But since I’m there, I always figure I might as well do everything I need to do.

6. Have a plan. Every time I go to the gym, I already have a routine planned.

7. Keep moving. When I’m at the gym I try to keep water breaks short, and I do not meander between exercises.

My Rules for Hitting the Gym