How to Take Better Instagram Pictures

by Johnny Webber

1. Keep the camera still. A steady hand keeps the image looking sharp. Use a tripod, or rest your elbows against a steady surface.

2. Focus. Tap the screen of your phone to keep your subject in focus.

3. Don’t use the filters. They are cliched and don’t look so great in the first place.

4. Use an editing app. Apps like VSCO Cam give you a lot more options than Instagram when it comes to editing.

5. Avoid the rule of thirds. Remember you’re working with a square. The space is more constricted. Keep your subject bold and in focus.

6. Use your legs to zoom. Don’t zoom with the lens. The resolution of your image will suffer. 

7. Find a subject worthy of a photo. Stop taking pictures of your Starbucks coffee. Visit your local national park to find a subject truly worthy of a good photo.

8. Take advantage of golden hour. Golden hour is the time just before sunset when the Sun is at the optimal height for photography lighting.

How to Take Better Instagram Pictures