How to Be a Voracious Reader

by Johnny Webber

1. Tell yourself you will read at least 20 pages every day. Do it first thing in the morning so life doesn’t get in the way. If you are on a roll, you might end up reading 200 pages instead.

2. Get a library card. The library is an amazing resource that is greatly underutilized. Get all the free books your heart desires.

3. Experiment with new genres. There are so many books out there. You might not even know what you really love. Check out to find new reads.

4. Try audiobooks. Listen to audiobooks on your commute. You will be so invested in the story, you will be dying to read it when you get home.

5. Check out You don’t even have to go to the library to get free books, you can download them right in your browser.

How to Be a Voracious Reader