How to Be a Better Storyteller

by Johnny Webber

1. Don’t quit because you think you suck. When you start, you won’t be good enough for yourself. But that’s okay as long as you know what is good work. Keep going until your work matches your good taste.

2. Keep it simple. Make things simple to follow for the audience. Don’t try to outsmart yourself.

3. Act like a human being. Don’t be monotone. Be animated.

4. Start with a bang. Catch the audience’s attention early.

5. Mix the commentary and action. Start with some action. Then do some reflecting. Then more action, and even more reflecting.

6. Steal from the pros. Pay attention to what your idols are doing. Copy them. Learn from them.

7. Carve your own path. Deviate from the standard formula. Make your stuff unique to you.

How to Be a Better Storyteller