The Only Educational Websites You Need to Know

by Johnny Webber

1. — Find the best websites dedicated to exactly what you want to learn.

2. — This website is a regularly updated list of all the useful and educational websites and resources available on the Internet.

3. — Browse available courses across multiple sites.

4. — The best free cultural and educational media available on the web.

5. f* — Useful links and vulgar language updated daily.

6. programming-motherf* — All of the best educational programming resources on the web.

7. — The skills every adult should know and where to learn them.

8. — Discover online courses through student reviews.

9. — Discover free online courses from top universities.

10. — A community for discovering new courses and learning skills.

11. — Click the button and up pops a random useful site.

12. — A website to give you productive activities to cure your boredom, and the means to accomplish the task.

13. /r/usefulwebsites — A subreddit for sharing useful websites.

14. /r/onlineeducation — A subreddit for sharing online education resources.

The Only Educational Websites You Need to Know