9 Things Every Driver Should Do

by Johnny Webber

1. Signal. Use your blinker. Also, don’t wait until the last second to turn it on. 

2. Give a courtesy wave. If somebody lets you merge in front of them, give them a wave. If you accidentally cut someone off, give them a wave. If you every need to communicate your thanks or apology, give them a wave.

3. Leave a buffer zone. Never tailgate. Give the car in front of you plenty of space. You will not get to your destination any faster by riding the guy’s butt.

4. Use the headlights. If it’s raining, your headlights should be on. This isn’t so you can see better, it’s so other cars can see you better. 

5. Let others merge. It’s not a competition. Give others space to cut in front of you.

6. Put the phone away. Do not be a distracted driver. You endanger yourself and others around you.

7. Practice defensive driving. Keep your head on a swivel. Think of every other driver on the road as a student driver who doesn’t know what they are doing.

8. Avoid road rage. Road rage only causes problems. Calm down. Be responsible. 

9. Use the passing lane for passing only. If you live in America, the left lane on a highway is for passing slower vehicles. If you are not actively passing someone, stick to the right so others can pass.

9 Things Every Driver Should Do