9 Rules for People of the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. Treat people like people. Don’t hide behind your anonymity and think that makes it okay to be mean to others.

2. Think before posting. Stuff you put on the Internet does not go away. Be conscious of what you put out there.

3. Don’t share stats or facts that you do not have citations for. Stop perpetuating lies and half-truths.

4. Don’t feed the trolls. If you ignore them, they go away. Don’t lower yourself to their level. It’s what they want.

5. Attribute proper credit for breaking news. If you didn’t break it, then give proper credit.

6. Do not post anyone’s personal information for any reason. Certain Internet users like to ruin people’s lives, do not give them the means to do that, even if you think it’s justified.

7. Do not name call. The people of the Internet are still people with feelings.

8. Do not copy anyone’s content without permission. Check copyrights before using any media you did not create yourself.

9. Don’t spam. The Internet is a great place for discussion and sharing ideas, but if that discussion is one way, you aren’t being a good Internet citizen.

9 Rules for People of the Internet