9 Rules Every Person Should Follow

by Johnny Webber

1. Don’t buy something if you aren’t willing to pay full price on it. It might be 20% off, but if it wasn’t, would you still want it?

2. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it.

3. Keep junk food out of the pantry, and it stays out of your mouth.

4. Keep on the perimeter of the grocery store, away from the processed stuff.

5. Don’t start cooking until the kitchen is clean.

6. Put the laundry away as soon as you her the dryer buzz.

7. Immediately after you set an appoint or date to do something, mark your Google Calendar.

8. Park in the first available spot you see. Walking is good for you.

9. Always say yes to an invitation to do something unless you have a definitive reason not to.

9 Rules Every Person Should Follow