9 Essential Every Day Carry Items

by Johnny Webber

1. Smart Phone – Smart phones are the perfect Swiss army knife. They function as a GPS, web browser, address book, and more.

2. Misfit Shine – Track your physical activity and sleep with this sleek and sexy watch.

3. Saddleback Leather Wallet – Simple and thin. This wallet is the perfect fit for your pocket.

4. Titanium Sunglasses – Regular sunglasses are easy to break. Titanium sunglasses are not. Plus, they double as a bottle opener.

5. Fisher Space Pen – There is a reason astronauts use this thing. It is simply the best pen in existence.

6. Keychain Flash Drive – You never know when you might need to transport data.

7. Stainless Steel Keychain Cable – You gotta put those keys on something.

8. Utili-Key Multi-Tool – Open bottles, packages, letters, and screw most screws.

9. Lip Balm – Keep those lips from chapping.

9 Essential Every Day Carry Items