8 Ways to Make a Living From Home

by Johnny Webber

1. Freelance as a graphic designer. Dust off the old Adobe suite. Sites like elance.com and fiverr.com allow you to sell your services to the general public.

2. Create a YouTube channel. Make something educational or even just a vlog. Do a little bit of networking and marketing to find subscribers.

3. Start a blog. They take only a few minutes to set up. Write about your passions and throw some ads on there when you are ready to make money.

4. Do voiceover work. Were you gifted with a golden voice? Maybe take up a career doing infomercials. All you need is a microphone, your voice, and some technological knowledge.

5. Write an ebook. Self publish to Amazon and do your own marketing.

6. Freelance as a writer. Blogs like listverse.com will pay you for content.

7. Create an app. It can be a game or the next social media phenomenon, and all you need is an ability to code.

8. Tutor online. Use services like instaedu.com to connect with students.

8 Ways to Make a Living From Home