8 Things You Need for Your Next Road Trip

by Johnny Webber

1. National Parks Pass – No road trip is complete without visiting a few national parks. Save some money by getting an annual pass.

2. Bear Spray – If you are visiting Yosemite and Yellowstone, you better be prepared for a bear encounter.

3. Garmin GPS Instead of using all of your phone’s data or failing at reading a map, just have a GPS give you directions.

4. Canon Powershot – Document your travels by taking some home video.

5. Gorillapod Tripod – Get footage in hard to reach areas.

6. Leatherman Multi Tool – Save on space with one tool that does it all.

7. Buff – Headwear perfect for the outdoors.

8. Lonely Planet USA – The first step to any trip is buying a good guidebook. 

8 Things You Need for Your Next Road Trip