8 Rules for Good Improv

by Johnny Webber

1. “Yes and…” Work with your scene partner, not against them.

2. Add something new. Add new details. Move the story forward. Do not just agree and wait for your partner to pick up the slack.

3. Don’t deny. The second you say no, the scene stops. 

4. Avoid open ended questions. Open ended questions make your partner stop and come up with answers. 

5. Be specific. Details move the scene forward. It gives your partner more to work off of.

6. Don’t worry about being funny. Good improv is interesting improv. Let the funny work itself out.

7. Use your body. Gesture. Use your body to communicate something other than what you are saying.

8. Be unselfish. Don’t be afraid to set your partner up. Everybody is a supporting character.

8 Rules for Good Improv