6 Ways to Make Yourself a Happier Person

by Johnny Webber

1. Play the part. Stand up straight. Smile even if you do not feel like smiling. Body language is important. Amy Cuddy’s TED talk covers all of this.

2. Remove negative people from your life. Say goodbye to the whiners and complainers. You do not owe anyone anything, especially not your friendship.

3. Go after something you love. Think about what you want most in life, and then work your butt off for it. 

4. Stop comparing yourself to others. This is where social networks get you. You only ever see the cool things other people do and never the sucky. In the end, you are left comparing your mundane day-to-day life with others’ adventures. That is a competition you cannot win.

5. Stop taking things so personally. Being offended is a choice. Choose to not be offended. You will be happier and so will others. 

6. Concentrate on making yourself happy first.. If you cannot make yourself happy first, then you cannot be expected to make others happy.

6 Ways to Make Yourself a Happier Person