50 Things to Do the Next Time You Get Bored

by Johnny Webber

1. Go for a run.

2. Organize your finances.

3. Go on a photo taking adventure.

4. Make a healthy smoothie.

5. Watch one of IMDB’s top rated movies.

6. Take a free course online.

7. Download an audiobook.

8. Explore your local library.

9. Cook something delicious.

10. Color.

11. Donate your old clothes.

12. Ride a bicycle.

13. Go for a hike.

14. Hit the gym.

15. Write a list of everything you are grateful for.

16. Play an old school video game.

17. Tidy the house.

18. Empty your inbox.

19. Start your own blog.

20. Master an instrument.

21. Back up all of the important data on your computer.

22. Work on your bucket list.

23. Talk to a stranger.

24. Improve your vocabulary.

25. Go on a microadventure.

26. Find a new hobby.

27. Make your /now page.

28. Do something nice for someone.

29. Write your novel.

30. Start working on a side business.

31. Watch something insightful on YouTube.

32. Buy something completely useless.

33. Meditate for five minutes.

34. Scrape your tongue.

35. Listen to a new podcast.

36. Go get a drink.

37. Fold paper.

38. Write a letter to a loved one.

39. Read a classic short story online.

40. Test your trivia skills.

41. Walk to your local park.

42. Learn a useless talent.

43. Build your own PC.

44. Find a new job.

45. Plan a vacation.

46. Read a classic.

47. Make a cocktail.

48. Do some yoga.

49. Take a nap.

50. Make your own list.

50 Things to Do the Next Time You Get Bored