22 Websites to Teach You How to Code

by Johnny Webber

1. codecademy.com – Interactive coding tutorials.

2. codecombat.com – Play a game and learn to code in Python and Javascript.

3. codeschool.com –  Learn web technologies by doing.

4. stuk.io – Developing your dream web application.

5. platzi.com – Live streaming classes on design, marketing and code.

6. thinkful.com – Choose a course and get assigned a mentor.

7. code.org – Learn computer science.

8. baserails.com — Master Ruby on Rails through project-based learning.

9. treehouse.com  – Get the tools to help you to succeed whether you are a beginner or an old pro.

10. onemonth.com  – Learn to build web applications in one month.

11. dash.generalassembly.com –  Learn to make awesome websites.

12. railsforzombies.org – Learn Ruby on Rails by watching videos and completing the exercises.

13. codelearn.org – Learn Ruby on Rails by creating an app right in your browser.

14. rubymonk.com – Free interactive tutorials to help you discover Ruby idioms.

15. tryruby.org – Take 15 minutes to give Ruby a chance.

16. learn-c.org – Free interactive tutorials to teach you the C programming language.

17. learnjavaonline.org – Learn the basics of Java.

18. learnpython.org – Learn the basics of Python.

19. tryhaskell.org – Learn Haskell with free interactive lessons.

20. try.jquery.com – Get the basic building blocks of jQuery by completing challenges and earning badges.

21. sqlzoo.com – Interactive SQL tutorials complete with quizzes.

22. try.github.io – Learn Git in 15 minutes.

22 Websites to Teach You How to Code