21 Ways to Have More Adventures

by Johnny Webber

1. Start driving and get lost. Just go. Keep your eyes open for adventures along the way.

2. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Get out there. If you keep passing on new opportunities, you will forever be stuck doing the same things.

3. Go with the decision that will make for the best story. Stop playing it safe.

4. Find a mountain and conquer it. All kinds of adventures can be had on mountains (just remember to come prepared).

5. Step away from the computer. Reddit can be cool, but what are you gaining from it?

6. Do something you always thought would be too hard. You cannot grow until you leave your comfort zone.

7. Join a club. Explore a hobby with people who share your passion.

8. Try couchsurfing. Crash on a stranger’s couch. It forces you to meet new people, and it puts you in a new, slightly uncomfortable position.

9. Strike up conversations with strangers. You can learn something from everyone. 

10. Pick something from your bucket list. Stop waiting for something to happen, and start living your dreams now.

11. Break your routine. Take a different route home from work. Workout at a park instead of your usual gym.

12. Think experiences, not possessions. Start spending your money on the things that count.

13. Spend more time with interesting people. Interesting people do interesting things.

14. Get inspired. Watch a travel vlog. Read an adventurous book.

15. Do something old in a new place. Go to a new bar. Eat at a new restaurant.

16. Travel in a new way. Take a train. Hitchhike.

17. Try a new hobby. Explore a new skill.

18. Eat new foods. Embrace new culture.

19. Turn off the TV. Stories never start, “so I was sitting on my couch.”

20. Plan less. Improvise. See where the wind takes you.

21. Ask the locals. Guide books can only tell you so much.

21 Ways to Have More Adventures