7 Techniques to Make You More Productive

by Johnny Webber

1. Keep a bullet journal. A bullet journal is like a to-do list, planner, and diary wrapped into one. All you need need is a pen and a notebook. Check out bulletjournal.com to get you started.

2. Listen to ambient noise. Stay focused and shield yourself from distraction. Noisli.com and asoftmurmur.com are two sites that can help you do exactly that.

3. Use a website blocker. Download getcoldturkey.com to blacklist those pesky Internet distractions.

4. Meditate. Research shows those who meditate stay on task longer. Headspace.com can help you with that.

5. Try apps. Use todist.com as a task manager. Or try wayoflifeapp.com as a habit tracker.

6. Use the Pomodoro Technique. Work hard in 25 minute intervals with short breaks in between. Check out tomato-timer.com for an online timer.

7. Make an anti-todo list. Instead of writing down tasks to be crossed off, start with the stuff you’ve already completed. Here is a little primer on starting your anti-todo list.

7 Techniques to Make You More Productive

35 Fun Ways to Exercise

by Johnny Webber

1. Hiking.

2. Jogging.

3. Basketball.

4. Geocaching.

5. Bouldering.

6. Martial Arts.

7. Parkour.

8. Yoga.

9. Pokemon Go.

10. Cycling.

11. Dancing.

12. Frisbee.

13. Soccer.

14. Disc Golf.

15. Jump Rope.

16. Skateboarding.

17. Tennis.

18. Weightlifting.

19. Bodyweight Exercises.

20. Tag.

21. Paintball.

22. Rollerblading.

23. Swimming.

24. Kayaking.

25. Golf.

26. Surfing.

27. Baseball.

28. Softball.

29. Yard Work.

30. Snowboarding.

31. LARPing.

32. Rock Climbing.

33. Walking the dog.

34. Volleyball.

35. Marathons.

35 Fun Ways to Exercise

25 Things for the World Traveler

by Johnny Webber

1. The Carry on Cocktail Kit

2. Pack This! Pad

3. Anywhere Travel Guide

4. Ultra-Soft Sleep Mask

5. Travel Hoodie Pillow

6. 4-in-1 Adapter

7. Silicone Travel Bottles

8. Heat Sealed Disposable Flask

9. Hanging Travel Kit

10. Tile Luggage Finder

11. 4-in-1 Charging Cable

12. Inflatable Wine Bag

13. Grid-It Organizer

14. Add-A-Bag Luggage Strap

15. Deadbolt Lock Enhancer

16. Portable Seat Partition

17. The Simple Shower

18. Alpha Keeper

19. Pack-It-Flat Toiletry Kit

20. Bag Bungee

21. No Tie Shoelaces

22. Portable Clothes Washer

23. Waterproof Shoe Bags

24. Multi-Functional Water Bottle

25. Micro Umbrella

25 Things for the World Traveler

8 Links to Help You Vote This Election

by Johnny Webber

1. How to Vote in Every State — A YouTube series that tells you exactly how to go about voting in your state.

2. Ballotpedia.org — The online encyclopedia of American politics and elections.

3. Vote.org — Everything you need to vote: registration, status updates, and absentee ballots.

4. Vote.gov — Find out how to register to vote in your state.

5. Voteplz.org — The simplest way to register to vote.

6. Hello.vote — A chat bot that helps you register.

7. Votegif.com — Share gifs with your friends reminding them to vote.

8. Votesmart.org — Free, factual, and unbiased information on candidates and elected officials.

8 Links to Help You Vote This Election

10 Products and Websites to Improve Your Morning

by Johnny Webber

1. Bathroom Shower Clock Timer — Don’t waste too much water. Don’t be late for work.

2. Sunrise Simulator Light — Ease the burden of early wake-up calls.

3. On/Off Flip Alarm — An alarm clock that will actually make you wake up.

4. Bamboo Adjustable Laptop Desk — Get work done while you have breakfast in bed.

5. Single Serve Blender — For something healthy when you’re on the run.

6. Cereal-on-the-Go Container — Eat your breakfast on the move.

7. LunchBlox Sandwich Kit — A convenient way to pack your lunch.

8. Sleep Cycle — Get just the right amount of sleep every night.

9. Scarlet — Get debriefed on the news and weather every morning.

10. MealBoard — Plan out your meals so you don’t waste time in the morning making silly decisions.

10 Products and Websites to Improve Your Morning