The Best Donald Trump Links on the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. — Take a trumpet to the Donald’s face.

2. — The stuff of nightmares.

3. — Paste Trump’s hair on any picture.

4. — That Trump sure is a charmer.

5. thingsthatlooklikedonaldtrump — An Instagram account dedicated to sharing things that look like Donald Trump.

6. — Making cats look like Donald Trump.

7. Trump Toilet Paper — In case you get lonely on the pooper.

8. The Trump Coloring Book — Trump playing chess with Putin. Trump crossing the Delaware River. Trump as a superhero. He does it all!

9. Extra Large Donald Trump Pinata — For those who love to hate him.

10. Trump Temptations — An erotic novel detailing Donald Trump and his taboo affair with a bellboy.

The Best Donald Trump Links on the Internet

How to Create Your Own Blog

by Johnny Webber

1. Make the commitment. Blogging will give you an opportunity to dive deeper into a topic you love. It will improve your writing. It will give you a chance to connect with people, maybe even help some of them out in life. Over time it could even give you a chance at making a decent side income.

2. Pick a niche. What do you want your blog to be about? Picking a niche will help you tap into a community passionate about a topic. Picking broad topics might not keep the reader’s attention because the subject matter can vary from post to post. Check out this post by Zen Habits on finding your style.

3. Buy a domain name. Make sure it’s relevant to what your blog is about. Check out these resources for finding the perfect domain name.

4. Choose a platform. Decide first who you want to blog for. If it’s for yourself, then consider Tumblr or Blogger. If you want to look professional, then WordPress is your best option.

5. Buy hosting. If you’re going the WordPress route, I highly recommend If you’re going another direction, check out where you get more control over your server. If you’re going with Tumblr or Blogger, they take care of hosting at no cost.

6. Choose a template. If you want to make things look nice, use Themeforest to find beautiful WordPress themes.

7. Create social accounts. Social media helps you get the word out about your blog, and it gives you another way to interact with your audience.

8. Write write write. This is 100% the most important step. Write and write a lot. The more you practice, the better you get, and the more content you have to share with others.

9. Market market market. There are a number of things you can do for marketing including sharing with friends, posting to social media, and buying advertising. Check out this guide on marketing your content.

10. Engage with your audience. Engaging your audience will make your blog feel like a community and will go a long ways towards building a devoted following. Reply to readers in the comments section. Interact on social media.

11. Monetize. Once you start getting some traffic, you can start looking at making some money off of your work. Google Adsense provides banner ads. The affiliate program gives you commissions for selling Amazon stuff. Or you can even build your own products to sell.

Good luck with your blog! Make the commitment today!

How to Create Your Own Blog

20 Ridiculous Things You Can Buy on the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. Cheeseburger Bed Set — Why have superhero sheets when you can honor your favorite fast food meal?

2. Intimacy Art Kit — Just don’t tell Mom what it means.

3. Poop Emoji Pillow — Nothing says comfort like sleeping on fake feces.

4. Flying F*ck RC Helicopter — You can literally fly the f-word around.

5. Ice Cream Pint Combination Lock — For those who are protective of their sugar high.

6. Runny Nose Shower Gel Dispenser — Get yourself nice and clean with this snot dispenser.

7. Magical Unicorn Mask — Appropriate for any occasion.

8. Handerpants — Pants, but for your hands.

9. Goat Grazers — Rent a hoofed friend to mow your lawn.

10. The Trump Coloring Book — A coloring book dedicated to everybody’s favorite celebrity politician.

11. Asian Man Wall Decal — Maybe you want a fatherly figure in your life. Maybe you just want a friend.

12. Star Wars Kama Sutra — AT-AT’s have needs, too.

13. Beer Box Cowboy Hat — The American cowboy’s two favorite things combined into one.

14. RC Tarantula — Use with extreme caution because this thing is absolutely terrifying.

15. Dress Pant Sweatpants — Comfortable yet classy.

16. Glow-in-the-Dark Space Underwear — Nothing will make your tushy look better than our beautiful Solar System.

17. Left Shark Costume — The Super Bowl meme that won’t die.

18. Dog Mullet Wig — Poor, poor Chester.

19. Stuffed Blobfish Plush — Even the ugliest creatures need some love.

20. Canned Unicorn Meat — I’m not sure what it is, but it can’t be tasty.

20 Ridiculous Things You Can Buy on the Internet

The Only Educational Websites You Need to Know

by Johnny Webber

1. — Find the best websites dedicated to exactly what you want to learn.

2. — This website is a regularly updated list of all the useful and educational websites and resources available on the Internet.

3. — Browse available courses across multiple sites.

4. — The best free cultural and educational media available on the web.

5. f* — Useful links and vulgar language updated daily.

6. programming-motherf* — All of the best educational programming resources on the web.

7. — The skills every adult should know and where to learn them.

8. — Discover online courses through student reviews.

9. — Discover free online courses from top universities.

10. — A community for discovering new courses and learning skills.

11. — Click the button and up pops a random useful site.

12. — A website to give you productive activities to cure your boredom, and the means to accomplish the task.

13. /r/usefulwebsites — A subreddit for sharing useful websites.

14. /r/onlineeducation — A subreddit for sharing online education resources.

The Only Educational Websites You Need to Know

11 Websites to Improve Your Netflix and Chill

by Johnny Webber

1. — Sift through movies based on all kinds of ratings. is another site that does pretty much the same thing.

2. — Every secret code category available on Netflix.

3. — Watch a random Netflix movie.

4. — Watch Netflix movies and shows available in other countries.

5. — Stay up to date on the latest Netflix releases.

6. — Filter movies to find the best selection.

7. — Highly rated, little-known movies.

8. — They pick a movie, you pick a movie, and out comes a movie both of you want to watch.

9. — Filter movies that you wouldn’t want to watch with your parents, but maybe are the perfect thing for Netflix and chill.

10. — Pick a scary movie to make your partner seek the safety of your arms.

11. — Because that would really kill the mood.

For more of my favorite links check out

11 Websites to Improve Your Netflix and Chill

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

by Johnny Webber

1. Read. A lot. Check out your local library. Or buy a kindle and find free books online.

2. Write. A lot. Use to get into the habit of writing every day. If you prefer to write by hand, try buying a journal.

3. Improve your grammar. The Elements of Style will teach you the basics of writing. Grammarly is a useful tool for perfecting your grammar.

4. Try writing prompts. Maybe you need a new perspective. Reddit has a great community on sharing writing prompts.

5. Take a course. and have several writing classes available online.

6. Imitate a writer you love. Hunter S. Thompson would copy The Great Gatsby word for word in his spare time to slow down his reading and really understand the great novel.

7. Try outlining. Lay out how you want your writing to flow for a clearer understanding when it’s time to put pen to paper.

8. Edit edit edit. Don’t be afraid to go back and change your work. You can turn something ugly into something beautiful.

9. Simplify. Eliminate all those unnecessary words. Hemingway App is a great resource to do just that.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills

Stuff I’m Enjoying: Serial Killers and Personal Finance Edition

by Johnny Webber

Here are five things I’ve enjoyed consuming this past week:

1. The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson — This book details the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair and the serial killer who thrived during it.

2. Radical Personal Finance Podcast — The podcast covers everything you need to know about personal finance. I particularly enjoyed the episode on becoming a millionaire off of a minimum wage Walmart salary.

3. Way of Life App — Track your habits by marking off the days you completed your task.

4. Casey Neistat’s Vlog — Casey is a filmmaker and startup founder who shares his life through his supremely edited YouTube videos. Check out his recent video of him snowboarding through New York City which epitomizes everything Casey Neistat.

5. Casio Classic Sport Watch — It’s cheap, durable, and exactly what I needed for my morning workout sessions.

Stuff I’m Enjoying: Serial Killers and Personal Finance Edition