50 Things to Do the Next Time You Get Bored

by Johnny Webber

1. Go for a run.

2. Organize your finances.

3. Go on a photo taking adventure.

4. Make a healthy smoothie.

5. Watch one of IMDB’s top rated movies.

6. Take a free course online.

7. Download an audiobook.

8. Explore your local library.

9. Cook something delicious.

10. Color.

11. Donate your old clothes.

12. Ride a bicycle.

13. Go for a hike.

14. Hit the gym.

15. Write a list of everything you are grateful for.

16. Play an old school video game.

17. Tidy the house.

18. Empty your inbox.

19. Start your own blog.

20. Master an instrument.

21. Back up all of the important data on your computer.

22. Work on your bucket list.

23. Talk to a stranger.

24. Improve your vocabulary.

25. Go on a microadventure.

26. Find a new hobby.

27. Make your /now page.

28. Do something nice for someone.

29. Write your novel.

30. Start working on a side business.

31. Watch something insightful on YouTube.

32. Buy something completely useless.

33. Meditate for five minutes.

34. Scrape your tongue.

35. Listen to a new podcast.

36. Go get a drink.

37. Fold paper.

38. Write a letter to a loved one.

39. Read a classic short story online.

40. Test your trivia skills.

41. Walk to your local park.

42. Learn a useless talent.

43. Build your own PC.

44. Find a new job.

45. Plan a vacation.

46. Read a classic.

47. Make a cocktail.

48. Do some yoga.

49. Take a nap.

50. Make your own list.

50 Things to Do the Next Time You Get Bored

10 Gift Guides for the 2015 Holiday Season

by Johnny Webber

1. NY Times – Style, food, books, and even stuff just for New Yorkers.

2. Eater – Gifts for the food lover, drinker, traveler, and more.

3. The Verge – Get the best gadgets for the techie in your family.

4. Stuff of Men – Products curated for the modern gentleman.

5. Thought Catalog – This Myers-Briggs gift guide has gifts for every type of personality.

6. NY Mag – Offbeat gifts for your favorite oddball.

7. Gear Patrol – The perfect gift for every kind of man.

8. Fast Company – Gifts for those who love design.

9. Product Hunt – Great presents exclusive to Product Hunt readers during the holidays.

10. Boing Boing – Toys, books, gadgets, and more to humor and harry your friends and family.

10 Gift Guides for the 2015 Holiday Season

10 Subscriptions Worth the Money

by Johnny Webber

1. Spotify Premium – Download and listen to ad-free music anywhere.

2. Audible – Get access to thousands of audiobooks.

3. Netflix – Stream TV and movies, including several exclusive shows.

4. Blinkist – Quickly read the summaries of top self improvement and how-to books.

5. Amazon Prime – Free two day shipping for Amazon products as well as access to their streaming service.

6. Birch Box – Get a personalized assortment of grooming and style upgrades every month.

7. Loot Crate – Monthly subscription boxes for gamers, geeks, and nerds.

8. YouTube Red – Watch ad-free YouTube videos and exclusive content from your favorite creators.

9. Renter’s Insurance – Get covered in case of an emergency.

10. Gym Membership – Get fit and feel good.

This list was first posted on favoriteandforget.com.

10 Subscriptions Worth the Money

16 YouTube Channels to Unlock Your Creativity

by Johnny Webber

1. Mark Crilley –  How-to-draw videos on almost every topic you can imagine, from manga and anime styles to highly detailed photorealism.

2. Draw With Jazza – A channel with drawing tutorials, speed-paintings, streams, competitions, and more.

3. Schaefer Art – Tips, tricks, lessons, and explanations of acrylic painting and what you need to know to become a successful artist.

4. Will Kemper Art School – Videos on classical painting techniques for acrylics and oil for beginners.

5. Every Frame a Painting  – A YouTube channel dedicated to the analysis of film form.

6. The Art Assignment – Meet artists and participate in viewer assignments.

7. The Art of Photography – Videos covering famous photographers, photography techniques, composition, the history of photography, and more.

8. Photo Exposed  –  Photography made fun and inspiring with bite-sized photography videos which get to the point.

9. Film Riot  – A how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly.

10. Justin Guitar  – Over 750 guitar lessons for various styles, techniques, and abilities.

11. HDpiano  – Learn to play piano through a combination of game-like software with real hands playing in HD.

12. Mute Prophet – Kevin Goetz teaches lessons on every skill you could ever need to become a professional musician.

13. Scott’s Bass Lessons – Free online bass lessons in HD, covering bass scales, bass arpeggios, and soloing.

14. Drumeo – The world’s largest collection of free drum lesson videos.

15. Instant Piano Genius – Instant Piano Genius teaches beginning and intermediate piano that shortcuts the unnecessary and confusing typical “piano teacher” curriculum.

16. Felicia Ricci – Felicia Ricci is a performer, author, singer, and professional voice finder who loves making singing tips videos and helping people find their voices.

Note: I originally published this list at favoriteandforget.com.

16 YouTube Channels to Unlock Your Creativity