10 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing

by Johnny Webber

1. Low fat products are healthier for you than full fat products.

2. Natural products are healthier than non-natural products.

3. Detoxing and juicing will flush toxins out of your body.

4. Gluten-free is better for everyone, even those who aren’t allergic.

5. All GMOs are bad for you.

6. Being muscular is being healthy.

7. Your weight is predetermined by your metabolism.

8. Vitamin C cures the common cold.

9. The lower the calories, the healthier the food.

10. Organic food is healthier than normal food.

10 Health Myths You Should Stop Believing

12 Free Typography Resources

by Johnny Webber

1. typegenius.com – Find the perfect font combo for your next project.

2. fontsquirrel.com – Free-use commercial fonts.

3. fontface.ninja – A browser extensions that helps you identify fonts from every website.

4. google.com/fonts –  Free fonts optimized for the web.

5. dafont.com – A database of free fonts.

6. 1001freefonts.com – Over one thousand free fonts.

7. fontpark.net – Most fonts in existence and all are free.

8. font-to-width.com –  A script that takes advantage of large type families to fit pieces of text snugly within their containers.

9. fontdaddy.com – More free downloadable fonts.

10. practicaltypography.com – The basics of typography broken down.

11. myscriptfont.com – A free online tool to create a vector font from your own handwriting.

12. wordmark.it – Check to see how words look in various fonts.

12 Free Typography Resources

How to Be a Better Storyteller

by Johnny Webber

1. Don’t quit because you think you suck. When you start, you won’t be good enough for yourself. But that’s okay as long as you know what is good work. Keep going until your work matches your good taste.

2. Keep it simple. Make things simple to follow for the audience. Don’t try to outsmart yourself.

3. Act like a human being. Don’t be monotone. Be animated.

4. Start with a bang. Catch the audience’s attention early.

5. Mix the commentary and action. Start with some action. Then do some reflecting. Then more action, and even more reflecting.

6. Steal from the pros. Pay attention to what your idols are doing. Copy them. Learn from them.

7. Carve your own path. Deviate from the standard formula. Make your stuff unique to you.

How to Be a Better Storyteller

5 Tips to Make You a Better Learner

by Johnny Webber

1. Use metaphors and analogies. Calculus can be boring. Try to relate the concepts you learn in calculus to other applications you are more familiar with.

2. Make abstract ideas more tangible. Make a picture in your head, but also include sounds, textures, and feelings.

3. Try explaining the subject to someone. You don’t really understand the concepts until you can explain it to someone in a simplistic way.

4. Map it out. Use mind-maps and diagrams to connect ideas and concepts.

5. Tell a story. Create a story and incorporate the numbers and facts you need to memorize. When you need to recite these facts, just re-create your story.

5 Tips to Make You a Better Learner

20 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs

by Johnny Webber

1. slimvoice.co – Create insanely simple invoices.

2. wetransfer.com – Transfer up to 2 GB of data.

3. similarweb.com – Get insights for any website or app.

4. coffitivity.com – Ambient sounds to boost creativity.

5. nibbler.silktide.com – A tool for testing website accessibility, SEO, and social media.

6. crowdriff.com/riffle – Get Twitter engagement, interest and activity analytics in real time

7. woorank.com – Another analytical website tool.

8. redditlater.com – Find out the best times to post on reddit.com.

9. builtwith.com – Find out what websites are built with.

10. mailchimp.com – Create an email newsletter for your users.

11. surveymonkey.com – Create surveys, get answers.

12. joinme.com – Instant screen sharing for meetings.

13. hootsuite.com – Streamline your social presence.

14. strikingly.com – Make a beautiful website for free.

15. unroll.me – Clean up your inbox. Save time on email.

16. picmonkey.com – Photo editing made easy.

17. growthhackers.com – A marketing discussion community.

18. thenameapp.com – Find a name for your idea.

19. hemingwayapp.com – Make your writing bold and clear.

20. compressor.io – Optimize and compress your images online.

20 Free Tools for Entrepreneurs

7 Ways to Get People to Like You

by Johnny Webber

1. Seek others’ opinions and thoughts without judging them. Listen, but don’t judge. Nobody likes to be judged, but we do like to be heard.

2. Put your ego to the side. Stop contradicting people. If you don’t agree, shut up.

3. Focus on what they are saying. Really listen. Don’t think about what you want to say next while they are talking. Ask more questions about the things that interest you.

4. Ask for advice. People love to be heard, and they love to give their opinions.

5. Relate to their plight. Let them vent a little. Every person has troubles they want to get off their chest.

6. Give them a short time frame. If you say you are leaving soon, people will relax. Nobody likes to be committed to an awkward conversation that they might be stuck in for a while.

7. Practice open body language. Smile. Palms up. Chin down. Stand at an angle, not squared up the other person.

7 Ways to Get People to Like You

12 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

by Johnny Webber

1. Stop multitasking. Focus on one thing at a time.

2. Get there ten minutes early. Avoid the confusion and hassle of arriving late.

3. Write things down. Organize your thoughts, and keep a list of tasks you need to complete.

4. Meditate. Breathe.

5. Enjoy the simple pleasures. Take the time to appreciate the things you are grateful for in life.

6. Eat slower. Relax. Enjoy your meals.

7. Go for walks. Slow life down a bit. Collect your thoughts.

8. Cut back on your possessions. Donate some of your things.

9. Keep a journal. Write down your thoughts and feelings to work through your challenges.

10. Plan your week ahead of time. Take fifteen minutes to sort through your schedule for the week.

11. Get plenty of sleep. Rest and relaxation will have you thinking clearly.

12. Stop watching television. No need to distract yourself more than what is necessary from your very busy life.

12 Ways to Make Your Life Simpler

15 Travel Hacks You Should Know

by Johnny Webber

1. Roll the clothes you pack instead of folding them to give you more space.

2. Place rolled socks into your shoes to save space.

3. Place your clothes in the bathroom with you when you shower to remove wrinkles.

4. Use the USB port on the back of the hotel TV to charge your phone.

5. Check Yelp and FourSquare for WiFi passwords at popular WIFi hotspots.

6. Scan important travel documents and email them to yourself as a backup.

7. Take a picture of where you parked at the airport so you don’t forget.

8. Call your credit card company and inform them when you are about to travel.

9. Download offline maps to your phone when you travel to unfamiliar places.

10. Carry an empty bottle with you, and fill it up after you clear security.

11. Tie a brightly colored ribbon to your bag to make it easily identifiable at baggage claim.

12. Download a currency converter for quick transactions in foreign countries.

13. Buy travel insurance if you are a frequent traveler.

14. Use shower caps to pack your shoes so they don’t dirty your clothes.

15. Get a debit card that refunds ATM transaction fees.

15 Travel Hacks You Should Know

6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

by Johnny Webber

1. Buy in bulk. Bulk items almost always have better prices. Freeze the extra stuff when you can.

2. Use coupons. They will save you money, but only buy the stuff you were going to buy anyway.

3. Look for cheap cuts of meat. Use these for soups and slow cookers. You get the same protein for better prices and still retain a bit of flavor.

4. Be picky about expiration dates. Look around on the shelf for something that doesn’t expire so soon. The longer you have to consume it, the less likely you are to waste it.

5. Avoid the ends of aisles. The stuff on display is the stuff they want to get rid of. Tread with caution.

6. Shop at more than one store. Some places have good prices on bulk items. Some places have good prices on produce. Look around for the best deals.

6 Ways to Save Money on Groceries

10 Websites for the Wannabe Psychologist

by Johnny Webber

1. yourlogicalfallacyis.com – Learn about common flaws in reasoning.

2. mindhacks.com – Neuroscience and psychology tricks to find out what’s going on inside your brain.

3. youarenotsosmart.com – A blog exploring self delusion.

4. alleydog.com – A psychology student’s best friend. Search defintions, jobs, degrees, and more.

5. thelastpsychiatrist.com – Psychiatry, philosophy, money, war, sex, narcissism.

6. faceresearch.org – Participate in short online psychology experiments looking at the traits people find attractive in faces and voices.

7. judg.me – Find out how others perceive you based on first impressions.

8. doubleblind.org – Psychology postgrad writing about things considered within the purview of interest.

9. psychwire.org – Collect resources and follow experts.

10. psychforums.com – A psychology and mental health forum.

Check out favoriteandforget.com for more of my favorite websites.

10 Websites for the Wannabe Psychologist

8 Ways to Be More Attractive That Don’t Involve Looks

by Johnny Webber

1. Be decisive. Have confidence in your decisions.

2. Smell good. Practice proper hygiene.

3. Be passionate about something. Have drive. Have purpose.

4. Learn skills. Show off your talents.

5. Take an interest in the other side of the conversation. Be a good listener. Care about what others say.

6. Keep active. Have a life. Do things.

7. Smile. Be happy. No one likes a downer.

8. Make a ton of money. Money is appealing to everyone, whether they care to admit it or not.

8 Ways to Be More Attractive That Don’t Involve Looks

How to Pay Off Your Debts

by Johnny Webber

1. List your debts. Take stock of where you owe your debts, the balances of these debts, and their interest rates.

2. Make a budget. Budget your income and expenses to see how much money you can throw at your debts.

3. Set goals. Strive to pay off your debts in a reasonable amount of time, so you can move on with your life.

4. Re-negotiate the interest rates. Credit card companies want you to pay them back. They want money, and they want to help you find a way to get them that money. If it means a lower interest rate, they just might be willing to do that.

5. Start paying them off. Start with the highest APR, it will save you money over time. Also, make sure to pay more than the minimum amount each month.

6. Scale back. Sell what you can. Cut costs where you can. Move into a smaller apartment. Take the bus to work. Stop eating out so much.

7. Ask for a raise. Re-negotiate your salary. Look for new opportunities to increase your income.

8. Make a side income. Start a side-business. Begin freelancing. Try blogging or making YouTube videos.

9. Put down extra money when you can. If you come across any additional income (such as an inheritance or bonus), throw that money straight at your loans.

10. Keep the frugal habits after you have paid off your loans. Keep saving your money. If you continue to practice frugal habits, you won’t be put in a debt situation ever again.

How to Pay Off Your Debts

16 Free and Useful Websites

by Johnny Webber

1. marker.to – Highlight stuff on webpages then share it.

2. iruler.net – An online ruler.

3. howstuffworks.com – A collection of explanations for how every single thing in the world works.

4. govdeals.com – Buy stuff from the government on the cheap.

5. isitback.com – Get information on the return of your favorite television shows.

6. explainxkcd.com – A wiki for explaining XKCD comics.

7. wheresmycellphone.com – Call your lost cellphone. 

8. differencebetween.net – Learn the difference between things.

9. whosampled.com – Discover music through samples, cover songs, and remixes.

10. disposablewebpage.com – Create a disposable webpage in just a few keystrokes.

11. tineye.com – A reverse image search.

12. pdfgeni.com – A PDF search engine.

13. reruncheck.com – Find out if the television show you want to watch is a repeat this week.

14. howsecureismypassword.net – Test your password making skills.

15. getnotify.com – Get notified when the email you sent is read.

16. scr.im – Share your email without getting spammed.

16 Free and Useful Websites

7 Tips for Hitchhikers

by Johnny Webber

1. Take the most used route. Choose popular routes over shorter routes. No traffic means no rides.

2. Stand in a safe spot. Find a place where a car can see you clearly and still have time to stop safely to get you.

3. Smile. Laugh. Try not to give off a serial killer vibe.

4. Don’t be in a rush. Sometimes it can take a while to get a ride. Don’t be in a hurry.

5. Make eye contact. Try to make a personal connection, and drivers might be more inclined to stop.

6. Use a sign. Write your destination or just a simple “please.”

7. Make conversation when appropriate. They were nice enough to give you a free ride. The least you can do is talk to them.

7 Tips for Hitchhikers

10 Incredibly Useful Books You Should Own

by Johnny Webber

1. EPZ How to Win Every Argument by Madsen Pirie – A complete guide to using (and abusing) logic in order to win arguments.

2. Pocket Ref by Thomas Glover – The concise all-purpose pocket-sized reference book featuring abundant information on many subjects, hundreds of tables, maps, formulas, constants and conversions.

3. The Elements of Style by Strunk and White – Essential tools for every writer.

4. How To Cook Everything by Mark Bittman – Discover the rewards of simple cooking with straightforward instructions and advice.

5. SAS Survival Guide by John Wiseman – The ultimate guide to surviving everywhere.

6. How to Grow Vegetables and Fruits by the Organic Method by J.I. Rodale – Grow your own food, and eat fresh.

7. Take Care of Yourself by Fries and Vickery – The complete illustrated guide to medical self-care.

8. The Boy Scout Handbook – A primer on preparedness and the outdoors.

9. The Artist’s Handbook of Materials and Techniques by Ralph Mayer – An indispensable book for aspiring artists.

10. The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger – Anyone who works out with weights should own this book.

10 Incredibly Useful Books You Should Own