10 Tips for First Time Solo Travelers

by Johnny Webber

1. Bring a journal. Write, draw, get inspired.

2. You should probably pack less than you’re planning. You really don’t need as much stuff as you think. Pack light to stay mobile.

3. Follow the people. If you meet someone, and they invite you somewhere go. If the locals tell you to do something, do it.

4. See less places, and do more at each. Invest time in places to get to know them better.

5. Book your hostels in advance. Hostels are amazing. They are cheap, and you get to meet many like-minded travelers. Since they are so awesome, they get booked fast. Don’t get stuck without a bed.

6. Don’t wear white clothes. They are gonna get really really dirty.

7. Embrace mistakes. They will happen. Laugh them off, try to learn something, and move on.

8. Stray from the beaten track. Spend some time outside the tourist cities. Try to get to know the local culture a little better. 

9. Pack a first aid kit. Bring some band aids and extra Immodium. Foreign food can do unpredictable things to an unfamiliar stomach.

10. Never keep your wallet in your back pocket. You’re just asking to be pickpocketed if you do that.

10 Tips for First Time Solo Travelers

10 Websites and Products for April Fools’ Day Fun

by Johnny Webber

1. shadyurl.com – Make any link look suspicious and frightening.

2. shrturl.co – Edit any page to say whatever you want.

3. myprogressbar.com – Set the website to full screen to make co-workers think their computer is installing updates indefinitely.

4. shareonfb.com – Create fake Facebook stories to prank your friends.

5. pugaday.co – Send a friend pug pictures for 100 days straight.

6. sendyourenemiesglitter.com – Ship glitter to your enemies.

7. hackertyper.com – Again go full screen and act like you are typing hacker code.

8. Annoyatron – Place it under a co-worker’s desk and watch them go crazy trying to find the source of the Annoyatron’s strange noises.

9. Fake Roaches – Give your not-so-bug-loving friends and quick heart attack.

10. Phantom Keystroker – Plug it in a friend’s computer and watch as their keyboard and mouse gains minds of their own.

10 Websites and Products for April Fools’ Day Fun

10 Captivating Short Stories Everyone Should Read

by Johnny Webber

1. The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell – The story of a big game hunter finding himself stranded on an island and becoming the hunted.

2. The Last Question by Isaac Asimov – A question is posed to a supercomputer that does not get answered until the end days of man.

3. The Last Answer by Isaac Asimov – A man passes away and has a conversation with the Voice in the afterlife.

4. The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman – A collection of journal entries written by a woman whose physician husband has confined her to the upstairs bedroom of the house.

5. The Lottery by Shirley Jackson – The story of one small town’s ritual know only as “the lottery.”

6. Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway – A couple has a tension-filled conversation at a train station in Spain.

7. All Summer in a Day by Ray Bradbury – A group of schoolchildren live on Venus where the Sun is visible for only two hours every seven years.

8. Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut – It is the year 2081, and all Americans are equal in every possible way.

9. The Monkey by Stephen King – The story of a cymbal-banging monkey toy that controls the lives around it.

10. We Can Get Them For You Wholesale by Neil Gaiman – A man named Peter searches the phone book for an assassin to kill his unfaithful fiancée.

10 Captivating Short Stories Everyone Should Read

10 Links to Teach You Something About the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. internet-map.net – A giant web-map of popular websites.

2. internetlivestats.com – Live Internet stats updated constantly.

3. archive.org – A complete archive of webpages.

4. 20things.syzygy.net – Find out about major Internet events in the past four years.

5. howoldistheinter.net – A daily updated count on the age of the Internet.

6. thebiginternetmuseum.com – An interactive and ever-growing collection about the Internet and the World Wide Web.

7. alexa.com – A list of the most popular websites on the web.

8. forekast.com – A calendar of upcoming Internet events.

9. Timeline of Internet Services – A Wikipedia article on the most influential Internet services.

10. Internet Phenomenon – A Wikipedia article about images, videos, and jokes that have gone viral.

10 Links to Teach You Something About the Internet

17 Useful Apps For Android and iPhone

by Johnny Webber

1. Waze – Find the quickest routes by monitoring traffic.

2. IFTTT – Automate product and app control.

3. Medisafe – Manage your medications.

4. Fooducate – Achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals.

5. Llama – Change your ringer based on your location.

6. Money Lover – The simplest way to manage your personal finances.

7. Dark Sky – Get weather predictions down to the minute.

8. Out of Milk – An easy to use and intuitive shopping list.

9. Wifi Timer – Start and stop your Wifi automatically.

10. Anti-mosquito – Play a frequency that scares away mosquitoes. 

11. Famigo – Child safe apps, videos, and web-browsing all in one place.

12. Pushbullet – Connect all of your devices to make them feel like one.

13. CoachMyVideo – Get instant feedback on your technique in your sport of choice.

14. Anki – A flashcard app to help you learn any language.

15. BreakFree – Control your smartphone addiction.

16. First Aid App – Know what to do during an emergency.

17. Carrot Alarm – An alarm clock that turns off only after you have completed a series of puzzles.

17 Useful Apps For Android and iPhone

8 Ways to Make a Living From Home

by Johnny Webber

1. Freelance as a graphic designer. Dust off the old Adobe suite. Sites like elance.com and fiverr.com allow you to sell your services to the general public.

2. Create a YouTube channel. Make something educational or even just a vlog. Do a little bit of networking and marketing to find subscribers.

3. Start a blog. They take only a few minutes to set up. Write about your passions and throw some ads on there when you are ready to make money.

4. Do voiceover work. Were you gifted with a golden voice? Maybe take up a career doing infomercials. All you need is a microphone, your voice, and some technological knowledge.

5. Write an ebook. Self publish to Amazon and do your own marketing.

6. Freelance as a writer. Blogs like listverse.com will pay you for content.

7. Create an app. It can be a game or the next social media phenomenon, and all you need is an ability to code.

8. Tutor online. Use services like instaedu.com to connect with students.

8 Ways to Make a Living From Home

21 Ways to Have More Adventures

by Johnny Webber

1. Start driving and get lost. Just go. Keep your eyes open for adventures along the way.

2. Say yes to every opportunity that comes your way. Get out there. If you keep passing on new opportunities, you will forever be stuck doing the same things.

3. Go with the decision that will make for the best story. Stop playing it safe.

4. Find a mountain and conquer it. All kinds of adventures can be had on mountains (just remember to come prepared).

5. Step away from the computer. Reddit can be cool, but what are you gaining from it?

6. Do something you always thought would be too hard. You cannot grow until you leave your comfort zone.

7. Join a club. Explore a hobby with people who share your passion.

8. Try couchsurfing. Crash on a stranger’s couch. It forces you to meet new people, and it puts you in a new, slightly uncomfortable position.

9. Strike up conversations with strangers. You can learn something from everyone. 

10. Pick something from your bucket list. Stop waiting for something to happen, and start living your dreams now.

11. Break your routine. Take a different route home from work. Workout at a park instead of your usual gym.

12. Think experiences, not possessions. Start spending your money on the things that count.

13. Spend more time with interesting people. Interesting people do interesting things.

14. Get inspired. Watch a travel vlog. Read an adventurous book.

15. Do something old in a new place. Go to a new bar. Eat at a new restaurant.

16. Travel in a new way. Take a train. Hitchhike.

17. Try a new hobby. Explore a new skill.

18. Eat new foods. Embrace new culture.

19. Turn off the TV. Stories never start, “so I was sitting on my couch.”

20. Plan less. Improvise. See where the wind takes you.

21. Ask the locals. Guide books can only tell you so much.

21 Ways to Have More Adventures

10 Non-Fiction Books to Blow Your Mind

by Johnny Webber

1. How to Lie With Statistics by Darrell Huff – A mind opening look at how statistics can be manipulated to dazzle and deceive you.

2. The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat by Oliver Sacks – Take a look at neurological diseases and how one man could mistake his wife for a hat and not even realize it.

3. The Hot Zone by Richard Preston – Learn about a rare and lethal disease that can start in Africa one afternoon and land in Washington DC the next.

4. Godel, Escher, Bach by Douglas R. Hofstadter – A book that debates the question of consciousness and the possibility of artificial intelligence.

5. Escape From Camp 14 by Blaine Harden – The tale of the only known person to be born inside a North Korean prison camp and escape.

6. The Psychopath Test by Jon Ronson – One in every one hundred people is a psychopath. They are everywhere, and they can be manipulative, deceitful, charming, seductive, and delusional.

7. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell – Find out what makes high achievers so different.

8. Nickel and Dimed by Barbara Ehrenreich – The author learns the truth about trying to survive as a low-income American.

9. Stiff by Mary Roach – A compelling and hilarious exploration of the strange lives of our bodies postmortem.

10. Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner – A book that  studies the riddles of everyday life—from cheating and crime to parenting and sports—and reaches conclusions that turn conventional wisdom on its head.

10 Non-Fiction Books to Blow Your Mind

How to Be a Boring Person

by Johnny Webber

1. Have no passions.

2. Talk about how bored you are all the time.

3. Watch television and do nothing else in your spare time.

4. Don’t contribute to conversations.

5. Don’t ever try anything new or different.

6. Never try to better yourself.

7. Have no sense of humor.

8. Always say no when people want to hang out with you.

9. Have no opinions.

10. Have no life goals.

How to Be a Boring Person

12 Useful Websites For Movie Buffs

by Johnny Webber

1. agoodmovietowatch.com – Find highly-rated, little-known movies.

2. quotacle.com – A searchable movie quote database.

3. crumbles.co – Construct sentences purely out of movie clips.

4. aftercredits.com – Find out if there are any scenes after the credits.

5. doesthedogdie.com – Find out if the dog dies in the movie.

6. imfdb.org – A database of movie firearms.

7. whatthemovie.com – Guess the movies only by a screenshot.

8. runpee.com – Discover the best time to run to the bathroom during the movie.

9. filmgarb.com – Buy the clothes your favorite movie and television characters wear.

10. awfulreviewposters.tumblr.com – Movie posters with bad reviews from Amazon.

11. tunefind.com – Find music from TV and movies.

12. epicspoilers.com – Spoilers for popular movies.

12 Useful Websites For Movie Buffs

10 Way to Get Things Done

by Johnny Webber

1. Wake up early. Start working on things before people and distractions even wake up.

2. Make a list. Write your tasks down so you have a plan of action throughout the day.

3. Limit your time. You take exactly the amount of time you give yourself to complete tasks. Set a deadline.

4. Treat yo’ self. Reward progress. Treat yourself every time you check items off your list.

5. Pick up the pace. Work faster. Try to get things done quicker.

6. Limit distractions. Don’t leave the TV on in the background. Concentrate on one task at a time.

7. Ignore the unnecessary. Try to limit the tasks you need to do. If it is not necessary, ignore it.

8. Start at the beginning. Break your tasks down, and start with the simplest, easiest step you can think of. Just get the ball rolling.

9. Batch. Batch tasks together to be completed at the same time. Do you have to go to the store? Might as well pick up the dry cleaning on your way back.

10. Delegate. You only have so much time. Pay someone to handle tasks for you.

10 Way to Get Things Done

10 Websites to Keep You Amused and Entertained

by Johnny Webber

1. clientsfromhell.net – The customer is not always right. In fact, they are often very wrong.

2. wordsforthat.com – Make up words for common situations (aka reverse Urban Dictionary).

3. garfieldminusgarfield.net – What Garfield comics would be like if Garfield did not exist.

4. clickhole.com – The Onion’s Buzzfeed-like parody site.

5. wtf-secrets.com – Redditor secrets illustrated.

6. findtheinvisiblecow.com – The closer your pointer gets, the louder the cow gets.

7. tldrwikipedia.tumblr.com – Witty summaries of Wikipedia articles.

8. insultme.co – An insult generator.

9. unnecessaryquotes.com – The name pretty much explains it.

10. youhadonejob.org – Job related fails even a kid could get right.

10 Websites to Keep You Amused and Entertained