10 Websites to Help You Get Your List Fix

by Johnny Webber

1. listcrack.com – Tips, websites, history, books, and more.

2. spruuce.com/blog – Find gifts or something to treat yourself with.

3. listverse.com – Three or more lists published every day full of interesting facts.

4. buzzfeed.com – I’m sure you are familiar with BuzzFeed by now.

5. mentalfloss.com – Facts on facts on facts.

6. cracked.com – Humorous and fascinating articles.

7. listal.com – A place to list, rate, tag and review movies, TV shows, music, games and books.

8. thoughtcatalog.com – A website dedicated to your stories and your ideas.

9. lifehack.org – Your source for tips on how to improve every aspect of your life.

10. distractify.com – Lists exploring culture, lifestyle, human insight, and current events.

10 Websites to Help You Get Your List Fix