12 Websites Where You Can Create Interactive Art

by Johnny Webber

1. WeaveSilk.com – Create something soothing.

2. DrawAStickman.com – Draw a stickman and watch him go on an adventure.

3. DrawACat.net – Draw a cat and watch her play with a ball.

4. Drooodle.com (Possibly NSFW) – Draw something and pass it on to the next person.

5. SketchSwap.com – Sketch something and get a sketch back.

6. Pixelator.co – Share your canvas with others, and create a masterpiece pixel by pixel.

7. Bomomo.com – Create art with a lot of different lines.

8. BallDroppings.com – Bounce balls off of lines and create music.

9. Patatap.com – Use your keyboard to make music.

10. RonWinter.tv/drums.html – Create more music with your keyboard.

11. ButtonBass.com – Create dubstep and electronic music.

12. IncrediBox.com – Select different melodies, beats, effects, and more to make music.

12 Websites Where You Can Create Interactive Art

The Ultimate List of Life Hacks

by Johnny Webber

They are silly, and they probably won’t work, but man are they cool.

1. 24 clever psychological life hacks that will make you more successful. Manipulate people, and get what you want.

2. 10 life hacks for summer. Keep cool and enjoy the sunshine. 

3. Life hacks for winter. Stay warm.

4. 21 cooking life hacks. Learn how to core a head of lettuce and even caramelize onions faster.

5. 10 quick and simple life hacks for the house. These easy tricks should help your household function a little better. Also, check out part 2.

6. 7 survival life hacks that could save your life. This video gives you some useful tips for surviving the outdoors.

7. 10 photography life hacks you need to know. Learn the tricks of the trade like using an egg timer to shoot a time lapse.

8. 10 clothing tricks in 60 seconds. Make your clothes fit and look better with these tips.

9. 10 life hacks you need to know for Christmas. It’s never too early to get in the holiday spirit.

10. 10 awesome vinegar life hacks you should know. Just in case you have a bottle of vinegar sitting around. 

11. 25 life hacks every girl should know. Despite what the title might imply, these are not all just for women.

12. 25 life hacks to solve your most annoying problems. Make life a little easier. 

13. 25 life hacks you did not know you needed. Learn some tricks from the ever-so-smart people of TED.

14. 99 popular life hacks. You have probably seen most of these somewhere on the Internet at some point.

15. Reddit’s top 25 life hacks. Hank Green of YouTube fame gives a rundown of Reddit.com’s favorite life hacks while testing a few of them.

16. 30 life hacks debunked. Here is some proof that a lot of these life hacks will not work. 

17. 30 more life hacks debunked. Look at that, more life hacks that suck.

18. 16 unethical (and often illegal) life hacks. Don’t do this stuff. It’s not cool.

The Ultimate List of Life Hacks

12 Websites to Find Free Literature Online

by Johnny Webber

1. Gutenberg.org – Over 45,000 free ebooks in various formats.

2. LibriVox.org – Free public domain audiobooks read by volunteers around the world.

3. Bartleby.com – The preeminent Internet publisher of literature, reference, and verse.

4. PoemHunter.com – A catalog of free poems.

5. LiteraturePage.com – Your place to read classic books, plays, stories, poems, essays, and speeches online.

6. OpenLibrary.org – Over 1,000,000 free ebooks.

7. FullTextArchive.com – A collection of novels, plays, and poems.

8. WikiBooks.org – Open-content textbooks collection that anyone can edit.

9. QuotesAndPoem.com – A vast collection of searchable famous quotes and poems.

10. PublicBookshelf.com – Over 600 free romance novels.

11. Bibliomania.com – Free online literature with over 2000 classics and study guides.

12. Fiction.us – Short stories, children’s picture books, poems, and more.

12 Websites to Find Free Literature Online

10 Tips For People With Roommates

by Johnny Webber

1. Use SplitWise.com to split the bills. Make it easier to split the utilities evenly. Venmo.com is another good option.

2. Split the chores. Chorma.com makes organizing chores easier. Do not be the guy who slacks on taking out the trash.

3. Communicate. Before you sign a lease, agree on who gets which room, and how much each one is. Set rules on noise and having guests over.

4. Do your dishes. Use only one set of dining ware each. Everyone is allowed only one bowl, plate, and set of utensils. That way, when someone wants to eat, they are forced to do their own dishes.

5. Everyone buys their own food. Do not eat your roommate’s food. Designate a “free shelf” in your pantry. If you have something that is about to expire or something you want to get rid of, throw it on the free shelf and let your roommates eat it.

6. Do not write passive aggressive notes. If there is a problem, they will appreciate it a lot more if you tell them person-to-person.

7. Use a fan to drown out noisy roommates or neighbors. A fan is a great source of white noise. Also check out SimplyNoise.com.

8. Get a mini fridge. If you really do want to make sure your food does not get eaten, put it in a mini fridge in your room.

9. Share schedules. Get an idea when your roommate will need to sleep, so you can turn the noise down a notch.

10. Pay for a monthly cleaning service. Cleaning sucks if no one wants to contribute. Make things easier by splitting a cleaning bill.

10 Tips For People With Roommates

10 Videos to Teach You Something About the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. How does the Internet work? A simple explanation of how your web browser finds the website you are looking for.

2. Who invented the Internet and why? This video will tell you exactly how Timothy Berners-Lee great invention came to be.

3. The World Wide Web is not the Internet. Find out the differences between the two.

4. How much does the Internet weigh? Information has weight, but how much?

5. What is the Deep Web? The Deep Web is not as scary as you might think.

6. What is net neutrality and why is it important? The Internet is being censored and you can help stop it.

7. What’s the deal with Internet comedy? The Internet is opening all kinds of avenues for the creation of comedy.

8. Why videos go viral. Find out why silly YouTube videos get seen by millions.

9. Visual culture online. People collaborate and memes are formed.

10. Ten mind blowing facts about the Internet. Facts you might not know about the web.

10 Videos to Teach You Something About the Internet

How to Improve Your Balance

by Johnny Webber

1. Get a stability ball. Here are some exercises to get you started.

2. Take a yoga class. Yoga will improve your balance and make you a bit more limber. 

3. Play with a slackline. Find two trees and strap this puppy up. Then visit /r/slackline to see all the crazy things people do.

4. Stand on one foot every once in a while. While you are hanging out at home doing the dishes, practice standing on one foot.

5. Use a balance board. You can buy one, or make your own. There are different types, so make sure you get one that fits your needs.

6. Ride a skateboard. Not only will you improve your balance, but you will get some decent cardio done as well.

7. Stand on the subway. Next time you are taking public transit, don’t sit down. If you are feeling particularly brave, don’t hold on to anything either.

How to Improve Your Balance

10 Habits to Help You Save Money

by Johnny Webber

1. Only buy things if you can pay in cash. Use a credit card when you want, but only if you have the money to pay it off in that very moment. Do not fall down the credit card rabbit hole thinking you can pay off the debt later.

2. Transfer a portion of every paycheck into savings. Deposit ten to twenty percent from every paycheck to a savings account. Eventually, work your way up to a retirement fund and other investing avenues.

3. Pay bills immediately. Do not let bills linger to the point where you forget about them and accrue late fees (especially credit cards). Set up automatic bill pay online, so when you get your billing statement, the money is taken directly from your account.

4. Track your spending. Know where your money is going. Little transactions add up. Plan a month-to-month budget for all of your expenses and savings. Mint.com is a great tool for doing just that.

5. Ditch cable. There are plenty of cheap and free alternatives out there. Cable is unnecessary and expensive.

6. Wait a week before purchasing big priced items. Avoid the impulse buys. Waiting one week will give you the time to consider whether you really do need to spend money on your purchase.

7. Do not go grocery shopping when hungry. When you go to the grocery store hungry, not only do you buy more food than you need, but you buy unhealthy, expensive food. A full stomach will help you think clearly.

8. Commute via bicycle. Gas is only getting more expensive. Commuting via bicycle cuts down on gas costs and extends the life of your vehicle.

9. Cook more meals. Homemade meals cost a fraction of the price of restaurant meals. Buy healthy, and buy in bulk when you can. 

10. Drink more tap water. If you live in a developed country like the United States, chances are tap water is just as healthy (if not more so) than bottled water. It will save you money, it’s good for you, and you do not waste plastic by drinking it.

10 Habits to Help You Save Money

5 Books for the Male Fashion Aficionado

by Johnny Webber

1. Dressing the Man by Alan Flusser – The definitive guide to what men need to know in order to dress well and look stylish.

2. Gentleman: A Timeless Guide to Fashion by Berhard Roetzel – A tried and tested guide on matters of style and quality, from choosing a good tailor to proper shoe care.

3. Style and the Man by Alan Flusser – The dos and don’ts of buying and wearing quality clothes.

4. The Handbook of Style by Esquire – Vital information on every aspect of a man’s wardrobe.

5. Details Men’s Style Manual – Head-to-toe advice for choosing the right look, right fit, and right style for every situation.

5 Books for the Male Fashion Aficionado

13 Resources You Should Use Instead of Cable

by Johnny Webber

1. Crackle.com – Crackle provides streams for numerous movies and shows for free.

2. PBS.org – Watch full length PBS programs.

3. TV.com – Find where to stream your favorite shows.

4. YouTube.com – A place for everyone’s favorite viral videos and Internet stars.

5. UnplugTheTV.com – An aggregation website for educational and enlightening YouTube videos.

6. DocumentaryHeaven.com – Watch free documentaries online. 

7. TopDocumentaryFilms.com – More free documentaries. 

8. Amazon Prime Video – Amazon has hundreds of movies and shows to stream including several HBO titles. You can sign-up for a 30-day free trial. After that it costs $99 for the year.

9. Netflix.com – Pay $7.99 per month for movies, shows, and Netflix originals.

10. Hulu Plus – Another subscription service for shows and movies.

11. OpenCulture.com – A place that aggregates free and open content on the Internet including several movies.

12. CanIStream.It – Search and find titles to stream online.

13. Yidio.com – Another website that allows you to search for shows and movies to stream.

13 Resources You Should Use Instead of Cable

How to Wake-Up On Time Every Time

by Johnny Webber

1. Wake up in sunlight. Sunlight is nature’s way of telling you to get your butt up. Open your curtains before you go to bed, so the sun shines through in the morning.

2. Make it a habit. Wake up at the same time every day. Soon enough it will become second nature.

3. Get hungry. Don’t eat before bed. Wake up craving breakfast.

4. Wake up with a full bladder. Drink a glass of water before bed and you will force yourself to get up and use the bathroom in the morning.

5. Move your alarm clock. Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room so you have to physically get up to turn it off (also make sure it is obnoxiously loud). 

6. Use sleepyti.me. Input when you want to wake up, and find out when you should be going to sleep.

7. Get dressed immediately. Don’t give yourself a chance to rethink getting out of bed. Get dressed, and get on with your day.

8. Drink water. You are tired because you are dehydrated. You just went six or so hours without drinking any liquids.

9. Eat an apple. It might not give you the same kick as coffee, but it’s close and probably better for you.

How to Wake-Up On Time Every Time

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing

by Johnny Webber

1. Words-to-Use.com – A different kind of thesaurus.

2. OneLook.com – One quick dictionary search tool.

3. Vocabulary.com – The quickest, most intelligent way to improve your vocabulary.

4. ZenPen.io – A minimalist writing zone where you can block out all distractions. 

5. 750words.com – Write three new pages every day.

6. Readability-Score.com – Get scored on your writing’s readability.

7. YouShouldWrite.com – Get a new writing prompt every time you visit.

8. WriterKata.com – Improve your writing with repetitive exercises.

9. IWL.me – A tool that analyzes your writing and tells you which famous authors you most write like.

10. HemingwayApp.com – Simplify your writing.

11. FakeNameGenerator.com – Generate fake names for your characters.

12. Storyline.io – Collaborate on a story with others by submitting a paragraph.

12 Useful Websites to Improve Your Writing

10 Books to Help You Improve Your Social Skills

by Johnny Webber

1. How To Win Friends And Influence People – If you are going to read one book on this list, make it Carnegie’s.

2. The Charisma Myth – Despite popular belief, charisma is a skill that can be learned. Use the techniques in this book to become a more charismatic person.

3. What Every BODY Is Saying – Learn how to read the body language of others from a former FBI agent.

4. How to Make People Like You in 90 Second or Less – Make your first impressions matter.

5. How To Talk To Anyone – Ninety-two little tricks for big success in relationships. 

6. Crucial Conversations – Learn how to have those tough conversations. 

7. PeopleSmart – Become more effective in every relationship.

8. No More Mr. Nice Guy – Feel better about yourself, and get others to respond to you in a new way.

9. Conversationally Speaking – Get the tools you need to have others open up to you.

10. People Skills – Acquire the ability to listen, assert yourself, resolve conflicts, and work out problems with others.

10 Books to Help You Improve Your Social Skills

14 Websites to Improve Your Computing Experience

by Johnny Webber

1. Ninite.com – Install and update all your programs at once.

2. ShouldIRemoveIt.com – Remove bloatware from your PC.

3. OldVersion.com – Get the old version of popular computer applications.

4. ShouldIBlockIt.com – Analyze a file or process, and find out if you should block it from executing.

5. WhatIsMyScreenResolution.com – Find out your screen’s resolution.

6. CanIRunIt.com – Find out if you computer can handle running a specific game.

7. PCPartPicker.com – Pick parts to build your own PC.

8. iFixit.com – Repair guides for pretty much anything. 

9. GEGeek.com – A quick reference collection of tech related bookmarks.

10. ThinkTutorial.com – A database full of tutorials covering all aspects of popular computing.

11. Codecademy.com – Learn how to code through interactive lessons..

12. ExcelExposure.com – A free online Excel training course. Also check out Excel-Easy.com

13. CTRLPaint.com – A free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting using Adobe Photoshop.

14. RataType.com – Learn to touch type. Be sure to also check out TypeRacer.com10FastFingers.com, and Keybr.com.

14 Websites to Improve Your Computing Experience

Daily Zen List’s Most Popular Posts

by Johnny Webber

After two months, these are our most popular posts:

1. 70 of the Most Useful Websites on the Internet – It is possible to be productive on the web.

2. 65 Websites to Help You Save Money – Nobody likes wasting their hard earned cash.

3. All the Motivation You Need to Hit the Gym – Get motivated, and get to lifting.

4. 15 Books to Teach You a New Skill – Learn origami, magic, lucid dreaming, and more.

5. 18 Essential Items for the World Traveler – Everything you need to see the world.

6. 31 Useful Movie Websites – Discover the wonderful world of cinema.

7. 10 Books for Ambitious People – If you want to conquer the world, this list is for you.

8. 13 Interactive Links to Teach You Science – Learn about cells, space, and the human ear.

9. 9 Ways to Manage Your Money Better – Stay frugal, my friends.

10. 9 Websites to Improve Your Social Skills – Become more confident in yourself.

Daily Zen List’s Most Popular Posts

12 Links to Help You Choose and Manage Your Food

by Johnny Webber

1. TwoFoods.com – Instantly compare the nutritional value of two foods.

2. CalorieKing.com – Find the nutritional facts for every food imaginable.

3. StillTasty.com – Find out how long your favorite foods and beverages will stay safe and tasty. Also, learn the best way to store your food.

4. RipeTrack.com – Find out which fruits and vegetables are in season. Unfortunately, the site looks down at the moment. 

5. FoodSubs.com – Learn which foods pair well with each other and which foods are good substitutes for each other.

6. Foodimentary.com – Learn history and facts about what you eat.

7. SeriousEats.com – Everything you need to know about cooking and food and the culture surrounding both.

8. The Ultimate Health Food Guide – Feeling constipated? Eat some beans. Under weight? Have some peanut butter.

9. How to Freeze Food – This PDF tells you the proper way to freeze and store certain foods.

10. The World’s Healthiest Foods – One hundred foods that can serve as the healthiest way of eating.

11. WrapGenius.me – One man’s personal journey into better food labeling.

12. TomHaverfoods.com – Let Tom from Parks and Rec school you on food names.

12 Links to Help You Choose and Manage Your Food