15 Books to Teach You a New Skill

by Johnny Webber

1. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards – A book that will immensely improve your drawing.

2. Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic by Mark Anthony Wilson  – Learn 300 techniques through 2,000 illustrations from basic card tricks to advanced levitation.

3. Allen and Mike’s Really Cool Backpacking Book by Allen O’Bannon – Learn the basics of backpacking and wilderness survival.

4. Juggling for the Complete Klutz  – Learn juggling with the world’s most user-tested juggling directions.

5. The Joy of Cooking – A cookbook that will teach you basic cooking techniques. 

6. How to Read a Book by Mortimer Adler – Okay, since you are reading this you probably already know how to read. But what this book teaches you is how to read while retaining the most information possible.

7. Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming – Consciously influence the outcome of your dreams.

8. Star Wars Origami by Chris Alexander – Learn origami by making all your favorite Star Wars figures.

9. Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course by Willard A. Palmer – A beginning piano course for adults.

10. The Non-Designer’s Design Book by Robin Williams – Learn design through exercises, quizzes, and illustrations. 

11. Don’t Shoot the Dog by Karen Pryor – Learn the use of positive reinforcement for dog training. 

12. New Fix-It-Yourself Manual by Reader’s Digest – How to repair, clean, and maintain anything and everything around your home.

13. Visual Guide to Lock Picking – The definitive guide for the art of lock picking.

14. Madrigal’s Magic Key to Spanish by Margarita Madrigal – A creative and proven approach to reading, writing, and speaking Spanish.

15. Problem Solving 101 by Ken Watanbe – A simple guide to critical thinking.

Next, read my 15 tips for young people.

15 Books to Teach You a New Skill

How to be More Confident and Charismatic

by Johnny Webber

1. Practice confident body language. Evidence suggests confident body language leads to more confidence. Even faking confident body language leads to more confidence. Strike the Superman pose. Stand up straight, push your shoulders back, puff out your chest, spread your legs, and throw your hands on your hips. 

2. Make eye contact and hold it. Don’t be the first person to look away. It might sound creepy to just stare into someone’s eyes, but it is not. What is creepy is making eye contact and quickly looking away. Breaking eye contact makes you look nervous and ashamed. 

3. Smile. Nobody likes a grump. Be sure to smile, not only with your mouth, but your eyes as well. Fake smiles are more transparent than you realize (see for yourself). The key to having a good smile is to have something to smile about. Think happy thoughts. If that seems too hard, fake it until you convince yourself you are happy.

4. Don’t nod and fidget so much. A confident person does not fidget. You don’t see James Bond playing with his cuff links. Similarly, don’t nod your head so much when someone is talking to you. It makes you look desperate to appease them. Instead, keep eye contact and smile.

5. Pause before speaking. Process what the person is saying before you say anything. Don’t just wait for your turn to speak. Take two seconds to process what was said, and let your face react. You will come across as more sincere and a good listener.

6. Let them impress you. Keep the other person talking. If you ask the right questions, you can eventually get others to open up and talk about the things they love to talk about (usually themselves). 

7. Never interrupt. No matter what you have to say, or how insightful your comment is, the speaker will resent you if you interrupt them. Remember, you want them to talk about themselves, so let them talk. On a similar note, let others interrupt you if they want to. Don’t take offense. If someone has something to say, listen.

8. Dress well. People make their first judgments about you based on your body language and what you’re wearing, so you better look good. Fashion is very much subjective, so wear something you think you look good in. It does not matter if you have terrible taste; wear something that makes you feel confident in yourself (whether that may be a suit or skinny jeans). If you need some help on where to get started, check out Reddit’s MaleFashionAdvice subreddit.

9. Exercise. You will look better and feel better. Exercise is the best way to boost self-esteem. If you don’t know where to start, go for a run, do some push-ups, and buy a pull-up bar. If you’re willing to hit the gym, read Starting Strength to get started on a routine

There are two books I highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their social skills. The first is the commonly recommended How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Sure, a lot of the stuff in there seems like common sense, but it’s always good to get started with the basics, and Carnegie has some great anecdotes that drill his points home. The second book is The Charisma Myth by Olivia Fox Cabane. Charisma is a trait that can be taught and learned, and this book supplies concrete tips and evidence of how to do just that.

How to be More Confident and Charismatic

12 of the Best Wikis on the Internet

by Johnny Webber

1. Wikipedia – The free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

2. Wikiversity – A place for learning resources, learning projects, and research.

3. Scholarpedia – A peer-reviewed encyclopedia written by experts.

4. WikiHow – A wiki on how to do pretty much everything.

5. WikiBooks – Open books for an open world.

6. WikiSummaries – Free book summaries.

7. WikiVoyage – A wiki for the world traveler.

8. Starting Strength Wiki – A wiki about the Starting Strength fitness program.

9. WikiCars – A collaborative guide about cars and all things automotive.

10. Bitcoin Wiki – Learn everything about the cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

11. A Wiki of Ice and Fire – A wiki about George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire (AKA Game of Thrones) universe.

12. Wookieepedia – A wiki about the fictional Star Wars universe.

12 of the Best Wikis on the Internet

15 YouTube Channels to Teach You Science

by Johnny Webber

1. MinutePhysics – Cool physics and other sweet science taught to you by stick figures.

2. MinuteEarth – Science and stories about out awesome planet.

3. SciShow – Science news, history, and concepts.

4. Crash Course – Learn biology, ecology, chemistry and more with these video lessons.

5. Veritasium – The science video blog from atoms to astrophysics.

6. The Brain Scoop – Learn about dead animals.

7. ASAP Science – Learn the science of laziness, cats, orgasms, and more.

8. It’s Okay to be Smart – A weekly science show about space, time, barbecue, Game of Thrones, and more.

9. Hard Science – A show that takes science out of the lab and onto the playground.

10. Periodic Videos – All things chemistry with a video about every element on the periodic table.

11. Sick Science! – Cool science experiments from Steve Spangler.

12. SmarterEveryDay – Explore the world using science.

13. BrainStuff – Videos that explore and explain the everyday science in the world around us.

14. Bite Sci-zed – A new bit of easily digestible science every week.

15. Vsauce – Not always science related, but fascinating videos on the hypothetical. 

15 YouTube Channels to Teach You Science

6 Harsh Truths I Need to Acknowledge

by Johnny Webber

1. I hate being proven wrong. I need to swallow my pride and start admitting my mistakes.

2. I’m afraid to try new things out of fear of embarrassment. I miss out on too many experiences because I’m afraid I might look like a fool.

3. I am not as smart as I think I am. I am no smarter than the average person. I cannot coast by on my intelligence. I need to work hard just like everyone else.

4. I am lazy. I am afraid failing will make me look bad, so I figure I am better off not even trying. I need to suck it up, do the work, and embrace the criticisms.

5. I whine too much. Whining adds zero value to my life. It accomplishes nothing, yet I continue to do it as if vocalizing my problems will magically cure them.

6. I judge people for the faults I have. The things I do not like about others are the things I do not like myself. My self-esteem problems are not anyone’s doing except my own. I need to stop projecting onto others.

6 Harsh Truths I Need to Acknowledge

9 Websites to Help You Improve Your Social Skills

by Johnny Webber

1. ImproveYourSocialSkills.com – A comprehensive guide to social skills.

2. SociableIntrovert.com – Use your introverted and extroverted traits together.

3. SocialProNow.com – Find out exactly how to get the friends you want.

4. Metamorf.us – Improve your social skills through challenges.

5. PeopleSkillsDecoded.com – Develop your conversation style around your natural strengths.

6. TheDatingSpecialist.com – Become confident, and expand your social circle.

7. AttemptedLiving.com – Learn how relationships work.

8. Study-Body-Language.com – Learn the basics of body language and what it means.

9. GoBodyLanguage.com – Learn body language through comprehensive written lessons with video demonstrations.

9 Websites to Help You Improve Your Social Skills

10 Tips for the Suit Wearer

by Johnny Webber

1. Buy high quality suits. Save money by buying less expensive shirts.

2. Your first suit should be charcoal colored. Charcoal is appropriate for almost any situation.

3. Use the 2/1 pattern rule. Between your suit, tie, and shirt, two of them should be solid, the other patterned. 

4. Shoes and belt should match. How well the shoes match with the suit doesn’t matter as much as how well they match the belt.

5. Tailoring is more important that quality. Suits will look better on you and last longer.

6. Always take off your suit jacket at your desk. Otherwise the elbows will wear out.

7. Never button the bottom button of your suit jacket. The button is there for dry cleaners and tailors, not for the wearer. 

8. Take your suit off when you get home. Never cook in your suits.

9. Put on your tie after you’ve brushed your teeth. It’s an easy way to ruin a tie if you don’t.

10. Button your jacket when standing, unbutton when sitting. The jacket bunches up if you sit with it buttoned. 

10 Tips for the Suit Wearer

10 Items for Your Home Gym

by Johnny Webber

1. Pull-Up Bar – Pop this puppy into the doorway and get to work.

2. Kettlebell – Do your kettlebell swings.

3. Squat Rack – Squats and oats. Squats and oats. Squats and oats.

4. Weight Bench – Work those pectorals.

5. Barbell and Weights – You will probably need these for the squats and bench press.

6. Gymnastic Rings – Body weight fitness is very underrated. 

7. Speed Rope – You can be muscular and still get your aerobic exercise.

8. Foam Roller – Relieve those body pains.

9. Yoga Mat – Keep that flexibility. 

10. Climbing Trainer – More body weight fitness. Get good with this thing then take your skills outdoors.

10 Items for Your Home Gym

31 Useful Movie Websites

by Johnny Webber

Movie News

1. Slashfilm.com – A great blog for movie news, reviews, podcasts, and more. Dave Chen is the man.
2. FirstShowing.net – Trailers, interviews, and news.
3. Moviefone.com – Movie times and news.
4. FilmSchoolRejects.com – Better than the average movie blog.
5. AV Club – Reviews, news, and more.
6. Bloody-Disgusting.com – News on every horror movie coming out.
7. TrailerAddict.com – Movie trailers.

Movie Databases

8. IMDB.com – Every actor, every movie, every detail. 
9. Metacritic.com – Movie scores out of 100.
10. ICheckMovies.com – Check off the movies you’ve watched, and save the movies you want to watch.
11. FlickChart.com – Rank, discover, and discuss movies.

Movie Reviews

12. Rottentomatoes.com – Aggregates all the critic reviews to one place.
13. RedLetterMedia.com – Video reviews with some humor.

Movie Recommendations

14. NanoCrowd.com – Find movies based on very specific genres.
15. TasteKid.com – Search for similar movies to ones you like.
16. Criticker.com – Find movie based on genre and time.
17. Jinni.com – Find movies based on plot, moods, titles, people, and more.

Find and Watch Movies Online

18. Fandango.com – Find movie times.
19. CanIStream.it – Find movies to stream for free and legally on the internet.
20. TopDocumentaryFilms.com – A bunch of free documentaries.
21. DocumentaryHeaven.com – More free documentaries.
22. Netflix.com – Watch TV shows and movies anytime and anywhere.
23. Amazon.com – Amazon Prime Instant Video gives you access to hundreds of videos including several HBO programs.

Fun Stuff

24. Oracle of Bacon – Connect actors by the movies they’ve acted in.
25. WhatTheMovie.com – Attempt to identify movies by the screenshot of one scene alone.
26. Sporcle.com – Movie trivia quizzes.

Other Useful Stuff

27. RunPee.com – Tells you the best times to go to the bathroom during a movie.
28. CinemaSquid.com – For finding screenshots of movies.
29. OpenSubtitles.org – More movie subtitles.
30. IMSDB.com – Database of movie scripts.
31. Movie-Censorship.com – Find the differences between different releases of the same movie.

31 Useful Movie Websites

8 Links to Help You Learn Guitar

by Johnny Webber

1. JustinGuitar.com – The number one online resource for learning guitar. If you do not want to read any further, that’s fine. Just make sure you listen to Justin.

2. Rocksmith – It’s just like Guitar Hero, except you are actually learning how to play guitar.

3. Cheap Guitar – Start yourself off with a cheap guitar until you’re ready to make a bigger financial commitment.

4. Guitar Wiki – All the basics you need to know about guitars and playing guitars.

5. Music Theory from the Ground Up – Learn the basics of music theory.

6. Ultimate-Guitar.com – Tabs, forums, and more.

7. ClassTab.org – Classical guitar tabs.

8. The Gear Page – All you need to know about guitar gear.

8 Links to Help You Learn Guitar

65 Websites to Help You Save Money

by Johnny Webber


1. GetRichSlowly.org – Personal finance that makes cents.
2. IWillTeachYouToBeRich.com – Learn to automate your money and make more.
3. MoneySavingMom.com – Helping you be a better home economist.
4. TheSimpleDollar.com – Financial talk for the rest of us.
5. WiseBread.com – Living large on a small budget.

Budgeting and Personal Finance Tools

6. AnnualCreditReport.com – Get your free credit score.
7. BankRate.com – Compare mortgage rates, credit cards, and more.
8. Bullishness – Compare stock brokers.
9. Dinkytown.net – Financial calculators.
10. Mint.com – The best free way to manage your money.
11. Motley Fool – Compare brokers.
12. NerdWallet.com – Compare credit cards.
13. Undebt.it – Snowball debt management.


14. 5DollarDinners.com – Dinner for under 5 bucks.
15. DollarFriendlyMeals.com – Cheap meals.
16. FoodOnTheTable.com – Plan out weekly meals.
17. Get Drunk Not Broke – Find the cheapest booze.
18. HillbillyHouswife.com – Frugal recipes and other tips.
19. MarketNews.usda.gov – Find the market value of fruits and vegetables.
20. SuperCook.com – Search for recipes based on ingredients.

Deals and Coupons

21. CamelCamelCamel.com – Track prices on multiple sites.
22. Deal News – Where every day is Black Friday.
23. FatWallet.com – A well organized site with deals on everything.
24. GetInvisibleHand.com – Invisible hands gets you the lowest prices on shopping and flights guaranteed.
25. Inbox Dollar – You have to signup to get deals on top brands.
26. Krazy Coupon Lady – I think this title explains it.
27. Red Flag Deals – Deals for Canadians
28. RetailMeNot.com – The best deals online.
29. SlickDeals.com – Deals on mostly electronics.
30. Southern Savers – Where finding deals and steals is simple and rewarding.
31. Woot.com – A random deal each day.


32. PadMapper.com – Plots Craigslist, apartments.com, rent.com, and other sites onto one map for easy apartment searching.
33. Rentometer.com – Find the going rate for rentals in your area. 
34. Zillow.com – Find houses and rentals.

Personal Finance Education

35. BetterMoneyHabits.com – Learn money habits from the creator of Khan Academy.
36. Investopedia.com – Learn how to invest.
37. MyMoney.gov – Your trusted source for financial information.
38. KhanAcademy.org – Banking and money lectures plus much, much more.
39. Wikinvest.com – A wiki on everything investing.

Purchases and Freebies

40. Amazon – The online store for everything.
41. ApplianceGuru.com – Save on home appliances.
42. Craigslist – Find cheap, used items around your area.
43. DealExtreme.com – Cool gadgets for cheap prices.
44. eBay.com – Online auction site.
45. FreeCycle.org – Reuse and keep stuff out of landfills. 
46. FreePrintable.com – Print calendars, graph paper, games, invitations, and more.
47. F’ingHomepage.com (NSFW Language) – Top quality products everyday.
48. GovDeals.com – A liquidity services marketplace.
49. MobileSwap.org – Get someone to take your cellphone contract off your hands.
50. Monoprice.com – The best priced cables and cords.
51. Newegg.com – For cheap electronics.
52. PaperbackSwap.com – Swap books.
53. RockAuto.com – The best priced car parts.
54. ShopGoodwill.com – Goodwill’s auction site.
55. SwapTree.com – Trade items.
56. TextbookNova.com – Find free textbooks online.
57. ZenniOptical.com – Dirt cheap eyeglasses. 


58. AirfareWatchdog.com – Flight search aggregator.
59. CouchSurfing.org – Join the community, and find couches to crash on in cities across the world.
60. FuelMyRoute.com – Find the lowest gas prices on your travel route.
61. FreeCampsites.net – Find free campsites.
62. GasBuddy.com – Search local gas prices.
63. Kayak.com – Find the cheapest flights.
64. SkyScanner.net – Another flight search site.
65. TravelZoo.com – For the best travel packages.

Bonus Books

1. I Will Teach You To Be Rich – A personal finance program for the 20 or 30-something.
2. The Millionaire Next Door – Become rich through saving and frugality.
3. Intelligent Investing – The definitive book on the value of investing.

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65 Websites to Help You Save Money

How to Get a Close, Manly Shave

by Johnny Webber

1. Get the right tools. You need a double-edge razor, brush, and shaving soap.

2. Soak your beard. You should shave either in the shower or immediately after one. Don’t just splash water on your face.

3. Spread the cream. Use your brush to spread the cream on your face using a circular motion. Don’t be afraid to apply some pressure.

4. Shave with the grain. This means shaving in the direction your hair is growing. Be careful because hair grows in different directions on different parts of the face.

5. Use short strokes. It is much more efficient making it less likely you have to double-back.

6. Don’t apply pressure. Your blade is sharp enough to do the work.

7. Repeatedly rinse the blade. Keep it clean as you shave.

8. Do it again. Shave everything twice for a particularly close shave.

9. Rinse your face. Use water and a towel to clean your face.

10. Ignore aftershave lotion. It’s unnecessary and expensive. If your skin dries out just use regular lotion.

How to Get a Close, Manly Shave

8 Ways to be a More Interesting Person

by Johnny Webber

1. Be the person who is always doing something. An interesting person is an interested person. Take interest in things. Keep busy. Stay away from time wasting activities.

2. Avoid TV during the day. You should be taking advantage of the sunlight. Get outside and do something. Leave your Netflix binging for the night.

3. Make it your job to find fun activities. Look in your local newspaper for events in your hometown. Use websites like meetup.com and yelp.com to find things to do. 

4. Go alone. Can’t find anyone to tag along? That’s okay. Meet people along the way. Make your own stories.

5. Get a new hobby. Take a swing dance class. Learn a new language. Take an improv class. Find something unique, something you have always wanted to do but were too afraid to try, and go do it.

6. Step out of your comfort zone. Do things that scare you a little. Open you mind to new experiences. You will be surprised what you are capable of. You might even find a new passion.

7. Be spontaneous. Hit the road on a whim. Don’t worry about perfecting every detail before setting off on your journey. If you do that, you won’t ever make it off the front porch.

8. Meet more people. There is a lot to learn from new people. New cultures and new people will expose you to things you would never normally experience.

8 Ways to be a More Interesting Person

8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

by Johnny Webber

1. Hit the space bar to scroll down. While browsing the web, instead of using the scroll wheel or down arrow, hit the space bar to move down the page. Also, hit Shift+space bar to scroll back up the page.

2. CTRL+Shift+T opens the last closed tab in both Chrome and Firefox. If you accidentally closed a tab you weren’t finished with, CTRL+Shift+T will bring it right back. CTRL+T opens a new blank tab.

3. CTRL+Shift+N opens incognito mode in Chrome. So you can buy Christmas presents in private…or do other things.

4. CTRL+ increases font size. Also, CTRL- decreases font size. 

5. CTRL+F will allow you to search for a word. Instead of scanning all over a webpage or document for a word or phrase, just hit CTRL+F to skip right to it.

6. Press F2 to rename a selected file. No more double-clicking the word and accidentally opening the file.

7. CTRL+Backspace deletes the entire word. CTRL+Shift+arrow highlights an entire word.

8. CTRL+Shift+ESC opens the task manager directly. Or right-click the taskbar to select it from a list. No more CTRL+Alt+Delete.

8 Keyboard Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier

17 Things You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times

by Johnny Webber

1. Car Phone Charger – Keep your phone charged for GPS purposes and emergencies.

2. Thermal Blanket – Keep a thermal blanket in case you get stranded.

3. Tire Pressure Gauge – Keeping your tires filled to the proper level makes your vehicle safer to drive and more fuel efficient.

4. Tire Iron and Jack – Flats happen.

5. Rain X – Use Rain X and you won’t ever need your wipers again.

6. Jumper Cables – Just in case your battery fails on you.

7. Gas Can – Just in case you run out of gas.

8. Crank Light – Have a light handy while not having to worry about batteries.

9. First Aid Kit – Keep one in the car and keep one at home.

10. Multi-Tool – All the tools you need in a car in one go.

11. Quality Sunglasses – You want to be able to see the road.

12. Towel – Changing tires, among other things, can get you dirty. Remember a towel.

13. Pen and Notepad – In case you need to remember something, or take down information after an accident.

14. Cash – For unexpected tolls and emergencies.

15. Dry Food – Again, in case of emergencies.

16. Change of Clothes – Spills happen, maybe you get wet, keep an extra change of clothes around.

17. Duct Tape – Seriously, it’s just useful.

17 Things You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times