20 Useful Websites You Should Know About

by Johnny Webber

1. screenr.com – Take instant screenshots using your browser.

2. cachedview.com – Find a cached version of any website.

3. tldrlegal.com – Software licenses in plain English.

4. accountkiller.com – Find out how to remove your accounts from popular websites.

5. downforeveryoneorjustme.com – Check if a website is down or if the problem is on your end.

6. manualslib.com – Search for user manuals online.

7. agoodmovietowatch.com – Find highly-rated, little-known movies to watch.

8. bucketlistcalculator.com – Calculate how much money it takes to achieve your bucket list goals.

9. skiplagged.com – Find cheap one-way flights.

10. printablechecklist.org – Make a list, print it out, check it off.

11. mailboxmap.com – Locate mailboxes in your area.

12. tinyinvoice.net – Make invoices for your small business.

13. mental-math-trainer.com – Improve your math skills.

14. everynoise.com – Listen to every genre of music.

15. choosemypc.net – Pick the right parts to build your PC.

16. identifont.com – Identify any font by answering a couple questions.

17. runpee.com – Discover the best times to run to the bathroom during movies.

18. getworkdonemusic.com – Music to motivate you.

19. rubiksolve.com – Solve a rubik’s cube in under 25 moves.

20. getraised.com – Find out if you are underpaid and get a raise.

20 Useful Websites You Should Know About