20 Tasks You Can Do Today to Better Yourself

by Johnny Webber

1. Appreciate the taste of your food. Savor the flavors.

2. Write a short story.

3. Try meditation.

4. Pick up some litter. 

5. Try to experience things like you were experiencing them for the first time.

6. Write down the cool things that happened to you today.

7. Learn some keyboard shortcuts.

8. Have a real conversation with someone. Try to get to know them.

9. Memorize three really cool facts.

10. Build something with your bare hands.

11. Be a tourist for a day. Find touristy things to do in your hometown.

12. Go the entire day without looking at a screen.

13. Talk to someone about your problems.

14. Learn some constellations.

15. Give away something you do not need anymore.

16. Start a dream journal.

17. Make a piece of art.

18. Don’t complain even once.

19. Invite a friend over for coffee.

20. Learn to tie a knot.

20 Tasks You Can Do Today to Better Yourself