17 Useful Apps For Android and iPhone

by Johnny Webber

1. Waze – Find the quickest routes by monitoring traffic.

2. IFTTT – Automate product and app control.

3. Medisafe – Manage your medications.

4. Fooducate – Achieve your diet, health, and fitness goals.

5. Llama – Change your ringer based on your location.

6. Money Lover – The simplest way to manage your personal finances.

7. Dark Sky – Get weather predictions down to the minute.

8. Out of Milk – An easy to use and intuitive shopping list.

9. Wifi Timer – Start and stop your Wifi automatically.

10. Anti-mosquito – Play a frequency that scares away mosquitoes. 

11. Famigo – Child safe apps, videos, and web-browsing all in one place.

12. Pushbullet – Connect all of your devices to make them feel like one.

13. CoachMyVideo – Get instant feedback on your technique in your sport of choice.

14. Anki – A flashcard app to help you learn any language.

15. BreakFree – Control your smartphone addiction.

16. First Aid App – Know what to do during an emergency.

17. Carrot Alarm – An alarm clock that turns off only after you have completed a series of puzzles.

17 Useful Apps For Android and iPhone