17 Things You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times

by Johnny Webber

1. Car Phone Charger – Keep your phone charged for GPS purposes and emergencies.

2. Thermal Blanket – Keep a thermal blanket in case you get stranded.

3. Tire Pressure Gauge – Keeping your tires filled to the proper level makes your vehicle safer to drive and more fuel efficient.

4. Tire Iron and Jack – Flats happen.

5. Rain X – Use Rain X and you won’t ever need your wipers again.

6. Jumper Cables – Just in case your battery fails on you.

7. Gas Can – Just in case you run out of gas.

8. Crank Light – Have a light handy while not having to worry about batteries.

9. First Aid Kit – Keep one in the car and keep one at home.

10. Multi-Tool – All the tools you need in a car in one go.

11. Quality Sunglasses – You want to be able to see the road.

12. Towel – Changing tires, among other things, can get you dirty. Remember a towel.

13. Pen and Notepad – In case you need to remember something, or take down information after an accident.

14. Cash – For unexpected tolls and emergencies.

15. Dry Food – Again, in case of emergencies.

16. Change of Clothes – Spills happen, maybe you get wet, keep an extra change of clothes around.

17. Duct Tape – Seriously, it’s just useful.

17 Things You Should Keep in Your Car at All Times