17 Best YouTube Travel Channels to Inspire You

by Johnny Webber

1. FunForLouis – Louis Cole is the godfather of travel vlogging. He travels pretty much 365 days out of the year, all over the world.

2. Casey Neistat – Casey isn’t always traveling, but day-in and day-out he makes the best edited, highest quality vlogs you can find. He also lives a more interesting life than 99% of the people you know.

3. Devin Supertramp – Action packed videos of the most adrenaline pumping activities in the world.

4. Mr. Ben Brown – When Ben isn’t hanging out in South Africa or winning kayaking races, he’s off somewhere exploring the world.

5. Johnny Explores – A Californian with an affinity for the outdoors and adventure.

6. Hey Nadine – The Canadian Nadine brings her quirky personality with her around the world.

7. Vagabrothers – Two brothers travel the world to share all the fascinating things out there.

8. Project One Life – One man checks off every item on his bucket list one experience at a time.

9. Internet Adventure Club – The Internet gives Daniel a mission to complete, and he takes care of the rest.

10. High on Life – Four guys do the wild things you have only ever dreamed about doing.

11. Kristen Sarah – Actress and adventure travel junkie.

12. Steve Booker – Fashion and lifestyle blogger with a passion for design, travel, and experiencing new things.

13. David Laffargue – If you enjoy watching people jump off cliffs, David is the guy for you.

14. Flying the Nest – An Australian couple leaves home and spends a year documenting their travels around the globe.

15. Gabriel Traveler – Fun and exciting adventure travel videos by veteran world wanderer Gabriel Morris.

16. RayaWasHere – Raya is all about passion, inspiration, travel, culture, adventure, and self love.

17. Expert Vagabond – Vagabonding around the world for the past 4 years, Matthew Karsten has an addiction to adventure and photography.

17 Best YouTube Travel Channels to Inspire You