16 Free and Useful Websites

by Johnny Webber

1. marker.to – Highlight stuff on webpages then share it.

2. iruler.net – An online ruler.

3. howstuffworks.com – A collection of explanations for how every single thing in the world works.

4. govdeals.com – Buy stuff from the government on the cheap.

5. isitback.com – Get information on the return of your favorite television shows.

6. explainxkcd.com – A wiki for explaining XKCD comics.

7. wheresmycellphone.com – Call your lost cellphone. 

8. differencebetween.net – Learn the difference between things.

9. whosampled.com – Discover music through samples, cover songs, and remixes.

10. disposablewebpage.com – Create a disposable webpage in just a few keystrokes.

11. tineye.com – A reverse image search.

12. pdfgeni.com – A PDF search engine.

13. reruncheck.com – Find out if the television show you want to watch is a repeat this week.

14. howsecureismypassword.net – Test your password making skills.

15. getnotify.com – Get notified when the email you sent is read.

16. scr.im – Share your email without getting spammed.

16 Free and Useful Websites