15 Travel Hacks You Should Know

by Johnny Webber

1. Roll the clothes you pack instead of folding them to give you more space.

2. Place rolled socks into your shoes to save space.

3. Place your clothes in the bathroom with you when you shower to remove wrinkles.

4. Use the USB port on the back of the hotel TV to charge your phone.

5. Check Yelp and FourSquare for WiFi passwords at popular WIFi hotspots.

6. Scan important travel documents and email them to yourself as a backup.

7. Take a picture of where you parked at the airport so you don’t forget.

8. Call your credit card company and inform them when you are about to travel.

9. Download offline maps to your phone when you travel to unfamiliar places.

10. Carry an empty bottle with you, and fill it up after you clear security.

11. Tie a brightly colored ribbon to your bag to make it easily identifiable at baggage claim.

12. Download a currency converter for quick transactions in foreign countries.

13. Buy travel insurance if you are a frequent traveler.

14. Use shower caps to pack your shoes so they don’t dirty your clothes.

15. Get a debit card that refunds ATM transaction fees.

15 Travel Hacks You Should Know