15 Amazing Places You Can Tour on Google Maps

by Johnny Webber

1. The White House – Visit the home of the president of the United States.

2. Smithsonian American Art Museum – Get your culture on.

3. The Colosseum – Peruse the remains of the famous Roman stadium.

4. Palace of Versailles – Head to France and visit this beautiful royal palace.

5. Taj Mahal – Next, head to India for a palace that was built in 1653.

6. Galapagos Islands – Take a look at the unique wildlife. 

7. Grand Canyon – Hike some of the most breathtaking trails out there.

8. Amazon Rainforest – Take a boat ride through some of the most remote areas in the world.

9. Wilson Island – Explore the Great Barrier Reef.

10. Everest Base Camp – Check out what people see on there ascent to the world’s tallest peak.

11. NASA – Spaceship, engines, and launch pads.

12. CERN  – Visit the world’s largest particle physics lab.

13. Google Data Center – So many servers.

14. Emirates A380 – Find out what kind of fancy planes the ultra-rich fly in.

15. Diagon Alley – Visit Warner Brothers and enter the world of Harry Potter.

If you are looking for more, visit Google Maps Street View.

15 Amazing Places You Can Tour on Google Maps