14 Links to Improve Your Male Fashion Knowledge

by Johnny Webber

1. howclothesshouldfit.com – Howclothesshouldfit.com is a guide for finding clothes that fit (duh). It covers dress shirts, blazers and suit jackets, coats, chinos, dress trousers, jeans, ties, and shoes.

2. basicwardrobe.info – Basicwardrobe.info seeks to provide men a minimal capsule wardrobe composed of only high quality items.

3. Imgur Fashion Guides – This Imgur album has guides on color schemes, how clothes should fit, grooming tips, and much more.

4. dressed.so – Take a picture of today’s outfit and share it with the world. Get cred for dressing well, and feel good about yourself.

5. ascotproject.com – Share outfits without sharing your face, or just save them for later. Assemble an outfit and share it with others by tagging where the items came from.

6. judg.me – Whether we like it or not, first impressions mean a lot. Judg.me allows others a chance to share their impression of you. Find out whether people find you introverted or extroverted, smart or dense.

7. putthison.com – Dress like a grownup. Get fashion news, outfit tips, and product reviews from people who care about male fashion.

8. dappered.com – Dappered helps you find outfits that make you look sharp without breaking the bank.

9. Tumblr blogs – Here is a list of 25 follow-worthy Tumblr’s to help you improve your fashion sense.

10. Alpha M. Consulting – Head over to Alpha M’s YouTube channel and get advice on improving your image, style, and grooming.

11. retailmenot.com – If you are ever looking to buy your clothes online, be sure to check retailmenot.com for coupon codes before making your purchase.

12. amazon.com – Amazon has every item of clothing you can imagine from almost every brand out there. Make sure to read the reviews.

13. reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice – My number one resource for everything fashion related. This subreddit is a fantastic community of fashion enthusiasts. The sidebar will be your best friend.

14. cutterandtailor.com/forum – The key to a good outfit is not color schemes or patterns. It’s about fit. Make sure your clothes fit properly, and if they do not, get them tailored.

14 Links to Improve Your Male Fashion Knowledge