14 Essential Websites for the American Football Fan

by Johnny Webber

1. TeamNewsFeed.com – A collection of football headlines from various sources.

2. Rotoworld.com – Regularly updated player news and analysis.

3. SmartFootball.com – Learn about football history, Xs and Os, gameplanning, and everything else.

4. OverTheCap.com – The best resource on the NFL salary cap, player contracts, and related news and analysis.

5. Inside the Playbook – A series of articles by former safety Matt Bowen on scheme, personnel, and the stuff regular viewers don’t see on TV.

6. PreSnapReads.com – A blog that provides football analysis in the form of reaction to breaking news, opinion pieces, and tape breakdowns that explore the deeper aspects of the NFL.

7. AdvancedFootballAnalytics.com – Using statistics to evaluate the game.

8. Grantland.com – A very opinionated look at the game.

9. FootballOutsiders.com – Innovative statistics and intelligent analysis.

10. ProfootballFocus.com – An advanced look at player and team performances.

11. /r/NFL – Reddit has a great community of NFL fans representing every team.

12. Adam Schefter’s Twitter – Okay, Adam Schefter isn’t a website, but he does break like 99% of all NFL news, so you should definitely give him a follow on Twitter.

13. SBNation.com – Blogs for all 32 teams and more.

14. NFL.com – The official site of the NFL.

14 Essential Websites for the American Football Fan