13 Websites for the Outdoors Explorer

by Johnny Webber

1. mountainproject.com – Find boulders and rocks to climb.

2. alltrails.com – Find trails to hike.

3. summitpost.org – A collaborative content community focused on climbing, mountaineering, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

4. hammockforums.net – Discuss the world of hammock camping.

5. lighterpack.com – Track the gear you take on adventures.

6. cabinporn.com – Pictures of gorgeous cabins. 

7. freecampsites.net – Find free places to camp.

8. carcamping.org – A complete guide to car camping.

9. hipcamp.com – The most comprehensive guide to camping
on private and public lands.

10. allstays.com – Find rooms, campgrounds, and truck stops.

11. ultimatecampgrounds.com – The largest list of U.S. and Canada campgrounds.

12. wecamphere.com – Find campgrounds.

13. naturalatlas.com – A topo map and resource about the outdoors.

13 Websites for the Outdoors Explorer