13 Tips for a Clean and Organized Household

by Johnny Webber

1. After you wash your sheets, put them inside the corresponding pillowcase so you know exactly where the matching set is.

2. Clean your dishes immediately after you cook, and while you still have the motivation.

3.  Microwave a bowl of water to loosen up the food particles painting the walls of your microwave.

4. Google has the solution for even the worst stains.

5. Always clean from the top down. You do not want to have to vacuum a second time because you decided to do your dusting last.

6. Throw orange peels down the garbage disposal for a nice citrus smell.

7. Don’t leave your mail on the counter. Buy a mail organizer.

8. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in months.

9. Put a trash bin in every room.

10. When you paint your walls, paint the inside of your light switch covers. When you need touch-up paint down the line, use those paint chips to get the color matched at the store.

11. Toothpaste is great for polishing silver.

12. Put things back immediately after you are done using them.

13. Invest in a good set of tools.

13 Tips for a Clean and Organized Household