12 Websites to Make You More Productive

by Johnny Webber

1. IFTTT.com – Put the web to work for you by connecting online services and social networks.

2. GetColdTurkey.com – Temporarily block time wasting websites.

3. E.ggTimer.com – A simple countdown timer.

4. RescueTime.com – Find out exactly how you are spending your time when you use your laptop.

5. RememberTheMilk.com – Manage your tasks more easily.

6. Join.me – Simplified screen sharing.

7. Evernote.com – Gather notes, clipping, and photos in one place.

8. GetPocket.com – Save articles and videos to view later.

9. WakerUpper.com – Simple telephone reminders.

10. NudgeMail.com – Send yourself reminders via email.

11. TheSwizzle.com – A simple, fast, and free tool to remove commercial email from your inbox.

12. AwayFind.com – Get notified when you receive an important email, so you do not have to check every five minutes.

12 Websites to Make You More Productive