12 Websites to Help You Discover New Music

by Johnny Webber

1. Music-Map.com – Get a map of related musical artists.

2. 8tracks.com – Internet radio created by people, not algorithms.

3. Songza.com – Play music that fits your mood or activity.

4. GrooveShark.com – Choose a song, artist, or genre.

5. TasteKid.com – Enter a band, and get suggestions. 

6. ToTheBestOf.com – Listen to only the best music of the band of your choice.

7. Cmd.fm – Control your music using a command line.

8. LivePlasma.com – A discovery engine.

9. Musicovery.com – Play your mood.

10. Gnoosic.com – Get music suggestions based on what you like.

11. Tubalr.com – Pick a genre, or pick a band.

12. StereoMood.com – Turn your mood into music.

12 Websites to Help You Discover New Music