12 Tricks to Make Life Easier

by Johnny Webber

1. Read it aloud. If you’re having trouble wording something you are writing, read it aloud. Saying it, as well as speaking it, will give you a clearer voice.

2. Add easy items to your to-do list. Add easy tasks to your to-do list, so you have things you can cross of early to get some momentum going.

3. Put it next to your shoes. If you need to remember to bring an item to work, school, a mailbox, or whatever, put it next to your shoes (or keys) the night before. 

4.  Use

ctrl+shift+c. Ctrl+shift+c and ctrl+shift+v allow you to copy and paste formatting as well as text.

5. Eat some food before you get grumpy. You get cranky when you are hungry. Grab an apple before tearing someone’s head off.

6. If you have the time, do it now. Some things you will only ever have the opportunity to read/learn one time. If you slack off, that opportunity will fly by you.

7. Drink some water first thing in the morning. You’re groggy because you are dehydrated. Drink some water to perk up.

8. Don’t get personal in an argument. Never attack or namecall anyone you are arguing with. Instead, try to find a solution to avoid the problem in the future.

9. Take a picture of the takeout menu. Store it in your contacts along with the phone number of the restaurant, so you never have to look it up again.

10. Store your extra sheets in the extra pillowcase. It keeps the matching set intact.

11. Keep a small trashcan in the bathroom. It keeps guests from flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed in the first place.

12. Stop saying uh. Opting for silence over uhs and ums makes you sound a little smarter.

12 Tricks to Make Life Easier