12 More Useful Websites

by Johnny Webber

1. thinkcalculator.com – Online calculator resources.

2. subdood.com – Browse Reddit disguised as other websites.

3. mefancy.com – Various text and html tools.

4. linkhubb.com – The easiest way to curate and share links visually.

5. repairpal.com/estimator – Estimate the price to repair your car.

6. cleverlayover.com – Combine two roundtrip tickets from non-partner airlines to find the cheapest fares.

7. delocator.net – Find independently owned and run stores in your neighborhood.

8. droid-break.info – A list of free and open source Android apps.

9. mustsee.city – Find can’t-miss landmarks in major cities for your next visit.

10. standardresume.co – View and share beautiful resumes online.

11. transformy.io – Transform a list to the format you desire.

12. videos.pexels.com – Completely free stock video.

12 More Useful Websites