12 Free Typography Resources

by Johnny Webber

1. typegenius.com – Find the perfect font combo for your next project.

2. fontsquirrel.com – Free-use commercial fonts.

3. fontface.ninja – A browser extensions that helps you identify fonts from every website.

4. google.com/fonts –  Free fonts optimized for the web.

5. dafont.com – A database of free fonts.

6. 1001freefonts.com – Over one thousand free fonts.

7. fontpark.net – Most fonts in existence and all are free.

8. font-to-width.com –  A script that takes advantage of large type families to fit pieces of text snugly within their containers.

9. fontdaddy.com – More free downloadable fonts.

10. practicaltypography.com – The basics of typography broken down.

11. myscriptfont.com – A free online tool to create a vector font from your own handwriting.

12. wordmark.it – Check to see how words look in various fonts.

12 Free Typography Resources