12 Apps You Should Know About But Probably Don’t

by Johnny Webber

1. MightyText – Send and receive SMS messages via your browser.

2. FastCustomer – Have customer service call you so you don’t have to wait on the phone.

3. Songza – Curated playlists to match your activity or mood.

4. Sleep Cycle Power Nap – Take a short nap without waking up groggy.

5. Dolphin Zero – An Android browser app that automatically wipes your history after every use.

6. Gameboy Emulator – Play old Gameboy games on your phone.

7. ISS Satellite Tracker – Find out when the International Space Station passes above you.

8. Sleep Talk Recorder – Find out what you talk about in your sleep.

9. Light Flow – Personalize notification colors and sounds.

10. Snapseed – A high-quality photo editor.

11. Venmo – Send money without any fees.

12. Horizon – Capture video in landscape no matter how you orient your phone.

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12 Apps You Should Know About But Probably Don’t