11 Websites to Turn You Into the Next James Bond

by Johnny Webber

1. Esquire Drinks – You better know your way around a cocktail. Mr. Bond likes to drink.

2. SimpleScienceFitness.com – You cannot drink that much and look that good without working out a bit.

3. SocialProNow.com – If James Bond is anything, he is smooth and charismatic.

4. TheDatingSpecialist.com – 007 knows how to talk to the ladies.

5. Dappered.com – The first step in looking good is dressing well.

6. IAmAlphaM.com – When Bond enters a room, he makes heads turn. 

7. Duolingo.com – You cannot be an international spy without learning a foreign language or two.

8. TheBillionaireShop.com – If you are going to be hanging around billionaire supervillains, you better be familiar with their lavish lifestyles.

9. Pokerology.com – If you have seen Casino Royale, you know Bond is quite the skilled poker player.

10. GrappleArts.com – You better learn a few fighting techniques for taking down the bad guys.

11. AllAboutCircuits.com – You are gonna need to know how all those gadgets work. 

11 Websites to Turn You Into the Next James Bond