11 Apps to Help You Create Better Habits

by Johnny Webber

1. HabitRPG.com – A free habit building app that treats your life like a game.

2. Chains.cc – An online motivational tool based on the “don’t break the chain” method.

3. Lift.do – Reach your goals by tracking your progress and staying motivated with guidance.

4. Beeminder.com – Track quantifiable goals, and follow the Yellow Brick Road to stay motivated. Put up real money to keep yourself on course.

5. Wunderlist.com – Create lists and share them with friends.

6. StrikeApp.com – Set up tasks and knock down pins one at a time.

7. Fitocracy.com –– Reach your fitness goals and level up your life.

8. MapMyRun.com – Map out your run, log your food, and motivate your friends.

9. MyFitnessPal.com– Lose weight by keeping track of the food you eat.

10. CharityMiles.org – Earn money for charity when you walk, run, or bike.

11. ZombiesRunGame.com – Join other runners on an epic adventure that motivates you to run further and faster than ever before.

11 Apps to Help You Create Better Habits