10 Websites You Should Bookmark

by Johnny Webber

1. pizzacodes.com – Find coupon codes for your local pizza store.

2. productchart.com – An interactive product comparison site.

3. allyoucanread.com – The largest database of newspapers and magazines on the Internet.

4. justreachout.io – Find journalists, reach out, and get press.

5. mealdb.com – Find the best restaurants and cafes nearby.

6. all-free-download.com – The best download resources for designers.

7. ineedaresu.me – Make your resume suck less.

8. virustotal.com – Analyze suspicious files and URLs. 

9. blahtherapy.com – Vent your frustrations to strangers.

10. scr.im – Convert your email address to share safely and openly.

10 Websites You Should Bookmark